SDCC ’13 Spider-Man Round Up: Vulture, Peter’s Identity Crisis, Shailene Woodley And More


spider-man bannerToday looks like it’s going to be all about Spider-Man. The gigantic Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel with Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxx and others takes place later this evening. While we have to wait a few more hours to learn what will go down in the panel, Marc Webb has been out and about talking to the press and promoting not only the movie, but the impending panel. He’s been all across the web, but just like Spidey rounding up bad guys, we’ve wrapped up the tidbits in our webbing and pulled them together for one big article. Read on for all the news you need to know before the big presentation.

woodleyWhile Marc Webb has been the Spider-guy talking to everyone at Comic-Con, he wasn’t the only person connected to the film there the first day of the convention. Shailene Woodley was on hand to promoter her upcoming film Divergent, but she got bombarded with Mary Jane Watson questions as you can imagine. Empire caught up with the actress to ask what happened with that whole situation. She parroted what we’ve heard before, but she did reveal one juicy piece of information:

She was only going to be in four scenes. I think it’s really incredibly smart that she’s not in it, looking back at it now because they’re introducing so many characters and MJ is such a vital character that it makes sense to hold off for future movies to introduce her.

[When asked if she said the infamous line ‘Face it, tiger, you just hit the jackpot’] I did say it.

She might have said it, but we’ll probably never hear it. With Woodley working on Divergent, it seems incredibly unlikely that she could swing by and do the third Spider-Man film. I’m sure she’ll get asked this question at least a hundred more times. If she says anything different, we’ll bring it to you.

colm-feore-spiderman2Shailene Woodley‘s departure from the film has been a big question on everyone’s mind, but another mystery that has people talking is who Colm Feore (he played Loki‘s real dad in Thor) will be playing. Rumors have been circulating since the first picture of Feore hit that he would be playing AdrianVultureToomes in the film already packed with Electro, the Osborns, and the Rhino. MSN asked the director if Feore would be the winged villain. His reply was a simple “No. He’s not playing that guy.” Take that for what you will, but Webb wouldn’t reveal who he IS playing.

Webb did drop a quote that could cause concern for some fans. He talks about how the first film was about Peter Parker figuring out if he could be Spider-Man and the second film is about whether or not Spider-Man can be Peter Parker. On paper this reads like the identity crisis we saw in Spider-Man 2 as Peter had to figure out if he could stop being Spider-Man. Hopefully we’re all just reading this the wrong way, because a rehash of what we’ve seen before will make for a terribly dull movie. Webb told IndieWire:

The first movie was about whether Peter Parker could be Spider-Man; this movie is about whether Spider-Man can be Peter Parker. He starts out the film with a level of virtuosity and confidence because being Spider-Man is so much fun. But his life as Peter Parker is also about suffering and there are so many dilemmas. The promise to stay away from Gwen [Emma Stone] after the death of her father is played out very early on. It puts them both in a difficult but infinitely relatable position. He has to confront this idea that loving someone sometimes means letting go.

In the same interview, Webb discussed how they went about creating Electro‘s look. He went about it a pretty cool way, saying “We looked at clouds with electrical storms inside them that created that flash of obscure, pulsating light that comes from an oncoming storm. We went for a memonic that was provocative and iconic.

And finally, ScreenRant caught up with Webb ahead of his panel appearance later today. They got an extended interview to grill the director on every aspect of the film. They really go at him with the questions, but Webb handles the fastballs pretty well. He goes on to talk about the Rhino and how he’s only in the film for a short time. It seems he’ll be there mainly to tease bigger things to come. You can watch the full interview below. What do you think of the Spider-Man news today? What do you hope we learn or see at the panel?


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