SDCC ’13 Spider-Man Round Up Part 2: Green Goblin, Sinister Six, Panel Recap And More


spider-man bannerEarlier today we had a round up of everything you should have known before the gigantic Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel this evening (click here for a refresher). Well the panel just wrapped and we thought it might be a good idea to round everything else that happened today into one article. This is the big one. Buckle up. This is the ultimate round-up article covering everything you ever wanted to know about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and then some. We’ve got the panel covered, but there’s also some other quotes and Spidery tidbits that popped up since the last roundup. Are you ready? Read on.

green goblinFirst up is a little rumor busting. There was a rumor not too long ago that got started when Felicity Jones (who has been rumored to play Black Cat) let slip that she would play “the Goblin’s girlfriend” in the film. Because of her age, many automatically assumed that she would be the girlfriend of Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), which also meant the film would skip over Norman and have the younger Osborn as the Goblin. CinemaBlend got some clarification from director Marc Webb about Jones’ comments. According to Webb, Jones will have a “special relationship” with NORMAN Osborn. So that clears that up, but makes it creepy. Jones is 29 and Chris Cooper is a spry 62. So it appears Norman WILL rob the cradle and WILL be Green Goblin before the credits role.

One rumor is busted, but another one gets a little credence. With the likes of Rhino, Electro, and potentially the Green Goblin having roles of varying lengths in the sequel, many are thinking Webb and company are gearing up for a Sinister Six team-up. Cinemablend was on top of this one as well. Producer Matt Tolmach was asked if there were any truths to those rumors:

sinister sixIt IS wishful thinking on their part, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It’s a great idea. We haven’t yet nailed down … there are the Spider-Man movies, and then there are the movies that grow out of this universe. We haven’t defined those yet, but we’re spending a lot of time thinking about it. That’s the honest answer.

We’re looking long term. There’s such an incredible wealth of story, thanks to Stan Lee and everybody else, to cull from. There are all of these incredible characters. … We’re seeding a universe.

Marc Webb was a little more hesitant to tackle the question, but he didn’t shoot it down:

I don’t want to give away too much. I really don’t. I want to preserve The Surprise, which is always under attack. For the right reasons. People are very enthusiastic, and they’re curious, but it’s really difficult to let people get into that theater for the first time and experience it with that sense of awe and curiosity. I think that’s tragic.

But … I’m a fan of The Sinister Six. I’ll say that. I think if you pay attention to the second movie, you’ll see hints of what’s to come.

Dane DeHaan spoke with MTV and the whole crew spoke to EW about the film and how all their characters interact. You can watch those below, but now it’s time for panel recap. Bleeding Cool had the full rundown.

Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx on location for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' in NYCAndrew Garfield made his way through the crowd dressed in costume. He stayed in character as Spider-Man/Peter Parker for the majority of the panel (which you can see from this article’s banner). Spider-Man said he came to Comic-Con every year because it was the only place he feels like he fits in. Emma Stone sent in a video message since she couldn’t be there, but it kept being interrupted by Electro’s electricity. When it cut out for good, Jamie Foxx took the stage (Spider-Man was starstruck because he’s a big fan of Django and Any Given Sunday). Shortly thereafter, they showed the first footage. It showed off The Rhino (the CGI wasn’t finished) and seemed to indicate that he is in the first part of the film when Spider-Man is having lots of fun being Spider-Man. Then Electro comes in and makes things dark and complicated. There was a quick flash of Norman Osborn, near death, in a hospital bed in the Ravencroft institute.

Most interesting of all, Max Dillon’s transformation starts when he is shocked while working at Oscorp and falls into a tank of electric eels. Another little clip package was shown. Spider-Man told Max Dillon to lick his glove so he could fix his messed up comb over for him. Electro can travel through power outlets.

Garfield was asked what storyline he’d like to see developed into a story, and he mentioned he would be thrilled to be in The Avengers. He’ll have to get in line behind Hugh Jackman though. Both of them are eager to hop over to the Marvel Universe. And that was it. That’s everything Spider-Man related that has happened today. Pshew! What do you think about all the news?


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