SDCC ’13: It Looks Like We Might Get The Sinister Six: Plus Andrew Garfield Clears Up The Gay Spider-Man Comment


sinister sixSo last night Sony presented their massive Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel to a packed house. Andrew Garfield appeared for the majority of the presentation in the new Spider-Man costume, in character the whole time. There were a few surprises revealed to fans in attendance as well as two brief teaser clips of footage (which by all accounts were spectacular). There wasn’t any huge revelations to come out of the panel, but it seems a lot of the big teasers are coming in the Comic-Con interviews with the director and producers of the film. We’ve rounded up all the hints that have been dropped relating to the formation of the Sinister Six in a future Spider-Man movie into one convenient place. Andrew Garfield also clarified what he meant in his earlier comments that Mary Jane could be a dude, so we’ve thrown that in as well.

rhino 2So there have been a lot of things said about the possibility of the Sinister Six appearing in on of the next two Spider-Man films. We’ll start things off with an interview SHH had with Spider-Man co-producer Avi Arad. He was asked about the sequel’s use of several villains and possible villains. He confirms Marc Webb’s statement that The Rhino is only in the film for a brief time, but it’s because they’re setting up something much bigger:

Rhino appears in the beginning a little bit and the end, and it’s a joy to have Paul Giamatti in the movie, but he really kicks in big time in the future, because we really want to be more centric on Electro. It’s a full story. As far as the future, it’s like we finished the movie two-and-a-half weeks ago so we discussed it a lot on the set, but we have a few ideas that we believe move the story forward, like #2 moved the first story forward.

vultureYou have Rhino, Electro, and the Green Goblin in various forms and stages in the sequel. That still leaves 3 more villains to make the Sinister Six. Colm Feore has been rumored to play Adrian “The Vulture” Toomes in the movie, but Marc Webb says that he’s not. Arad was asked about Vulture and if he would make an appearance before long:

SHH: A lot of people want to see the Vulture still and I know that was an earlier plan and the Vulture offers something different—he offers flight which we haven’t really seen yet.
Arad: I’m sure his time will come. (Note: Colm Feore is rumored to play Adrian Toomes in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so the chance of seeing him don wings for the third movie is very likely at this time.)

SHH: Do you think you might bring back some of the other old villains now that you have brought back the Osborns in this movie? Doctor Octopus is a popular Spider-Man villain and Sandman is as well, both members of the Sinister Six, too.
Arad: Well, let’s put it this way, when you see the movie, you tell me. But that’s all I’m going to say.

gentlemanSpeaking of old villains, Marc Webb threw out an old and very obscure villain in a recent chat with Crave Online. This one is particularly interesting because it came out of absolutely nowhere and Webb kept talking about the character even when the interviewer was trying to shift the conversation to something different. Here’s the odd account of the chat:

“What about The Gentleman?” Marc Webb said from out of the blue, while we were joking about the possibility of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing The Looter.

“That’s getting kind of obscure,” I replied, thinking he was just spitballing. “I always liked The Spot…”

He stopped me. “Think about the Gentleman,” he said. “I’m just saying. Put that in your… There’s your little tidbit. Think about The Gentleman.”

“How serious are you being?” I asked.

Webb nodded dramatically. “You’re just nodding dramatically,” I continued.

“I’m just saying,” Webb concluded, “think about The Gentleman.”

electroLuckily there was also a brief rundown of The Gentleman. I can honestly say I don’t know much about that particular baddie. The Gentleman was in Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six. He’s a very wealthy man and master manipulator. He was also involved with Peter’s parent’s deaths in that particular story. He went on to hire and form his own version of the Sinister Six. That sounds exactly like a character that would fit in with Webb’s story. That he offered it up himself tells us we should probably brush up on the character.

Jamie Foxx is pretty open to the idea of returning for another film, giving further credence to the Sinister Six rumors. He sat down with the folks over at for a lengthy chat where he also revealed he’d like to play Spawn. The actor was asked if he would come back to be one of the six baddies that assemble together to crush that pesky Spider. He’s game:

I’ll put it to you this way: you don’t really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. You can shut it off, but it’s still somewhere.Look, I’m just happy and humbled to be in this one and hopefully do right by the fans in making Electro someone who has different sides. I want people to feel for him, so that when he does turn into Electro, you want to root for him. Whether he comes back again in another film … you know, so be it.

So it really does seem like we’ll get the Sinister Six up on the big screen in Spider-Man 3 or 4. You’ll have Electro, Rhino, the Green Goblin, possibly the Vulture, and two yet-to-be-determined villains. I personally hope one of them is Mysterio. As an extra added bonus, here’s a video of Andrew Garfield in character from the Spider-Man panel last night (via TheHollywoodNews). Below that is Garfield talking a little more in-depth about his previous comments that Michael B. Jordan should play Mary Jane (via WeLiveFilm). He says that whole thing just got blown out of proportion. What do you think about the latest Spider-Man round up?

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