SDCC ’13: Christopher Hastings To Write Longshot Saves The Marvel Universe


longshotThings are going to be pretty exciting in the world of the X-Men for the foreseeable future. We’ve got the gigantic past/present/future X-Men story Battle of the Atom coming up a little later this year, it was recently announced that Nightcrawler was coming back from the dead, and now we get word of a wild miniseries from Dr. McNinja creator Christopher Hastings. Joining the writer will be artist Jacopo Camagni for a miniseries called Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe. It was announced during the X-panel as a story that sees the hero being “targeted by a new luck-power-killing villain, S.H.I.E.L.D., and all-powerful cosmic entities.Hastings spoke with Newsarama about the series and taking the hero to a new level.

Longshot has been a member of X-Factor several years, but he’s never really had a chance to branch out on his own. Hastings is changing that, and it sounds like he’s going about it with a pretty interesting angle:

Well, good old helpful Longshot seems to have stretched his luck a bit too far, and set off a very, very unlucky chain of events that he feels responsible for fixing.

Unlikely heroes are the most exciting heroes! It has been incredibly fun for me to start with the biggest most terrible threat for Longshot to face down and *then* figure out a way for him to realistically handle it. Well, as realistically as superhero stories get, anyway.

The villain of the story, who Hastings is staying completely mum about for now, is tracking down luck power based heroes. The scribe will have some of the heroes with that particular power set, as well as many more,  pop up in the story to show Longshot is just as capable as they are:

We will indeed be seeing other luck-power heroes in this series. I’m pretty much treating the guest appearances like getting to play with a friend’s toys. I want to use all my favorites that I never got to touch before. Plenty of guest stars in this series. That’s mainly because we’re finding it interesting to play Longshot’s powers in different ways off the different Marvel heroes, as well as really trying to establish him as a contender amongst all the others.

You can read the full interview about the miniseries kicking off this November by clicking here. Hastings is building up a number high-profile gigs with Marvel. He wrote the Fear Itself Deadpool series and a story in A+X featuring Deadpool and Hawkeye. Both of those were good stories, so it will be interesting to see what he does with another mini. Will you be taking a shot on the new Longshot story?

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Source : Newsarama