SDCC ’12 Warner Bros. And Legendary Pictures Panel: Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel, And A Few Surprises

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The WB and Legendary Pictures Comic Con panel just wrapped. There was a surprising amount of footage shown, one juicy bit being a surprise addition to the roster. Many are saying WB won the night, but Marvel still has to make a few announcements. The WB footage went over great, but can Marvel amaze the masses? That’s still to be determined.

First up was Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. The footage shown went over very well with everyone in attendance. One surprising thing to come out of the panel was the statement that after Comic Con the movie would go for “radio silence” for a year, no trailer or anything. That is a refreshing announcement when you think about it. The recent trend of online clips and tons of trailers gives away the full movie. The trailer was shown which showed off some of the giant robots and monsters. It sounds like a trailer won’t be online for a while, but rest assured the reactions were very positive.

Then there was the surprise addition- Godzilla! A full description of the footage was made available via comingsoon’s live blog of the panel. A teaser poster made its way online shortly after the trailer.

Silas Lesnick: The footage pans across a city that has been utterly destroyed. We hear a voice over a radio talking about the end of the world. It looks like another giant creature’s body is in the wreckage. We hear the classic Godzilla scream. From the smoke, we see something enormous. We’re following a camera up Godzilla’s back, showing his scales. We see his face, but it’s almost a silhouette. It looks a LOT like the classic Godzilla design but with a slightly fatter face.

The narration is from Robert Oppenheimer. “We knew the world would not be the same. Few people laughed. Few people cried. Most were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture. The Bhagavad-Git… takes on his multi-armed form” (This is were we see the other, dead creature)

“And says, ‘I am become death. Destroyer of worlds.” That’s where we see Godzilla’s face and the logo

That’s the narration in the trailer. It’s a Robert Oppenheimer quote about the atomic bomb.


Up next was Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis wit The Campaign. This didn’t go over extremely well, but that was mainly because people were told that Man of Steel was up next. The clip showed Ferrell hitting a baby in the face, many laughs were had. Then it was the main event for many, Man of Steel. This teaser banner as well as a description of the footage were made available. Word on the street is the trailer will show with Dark Knight Rises. Then again, some are saying it will be a different teaser.

The footage started out with flashes of Smallville, including the Kent farm and a shot of a young Clark running in a red cape. A grown up and bearded Clark walks on a snowy road with a voice-over from Jor-El (Russell Cros) talking about children being inspired to greater things. Then Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent gives Clark advice on becoming the man he wants to be. Clark is shown in the Kent barn looking at the spaceship he crashed to Earth in. We then see him holding a small piece of metal with the “S” logo. We then flash forward to different periods in Clark’s life. A teenaged Clark saves a bus full of children from the water. He pulls the door off. We hear Jonathan Kent say “People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” Clark is then seen talking to what appears to be a holographic projection of Jor-El. We see Superman in full costume first from a distance, then walking across a snowy landscape. We then see Superman flying and catching someone who fell from a building. Only a quick flash of Lois before we see Superman- seemingly in handcuffs- led down a hall by armed guards. Next shot is Clark in an elevator lifting the trademark glasses to his face. Final shot is of a shirtless Clark on fire which flases to Superman being thrown into the bank vault (the official first image released).


Finally, there was The Hobbit. Peter Jackson didn’t show footage in the 48fps style the movie was shot in. Due to initial negative reaction to 48fps, Jackson decided that it was unfair for it to be judged with clips and trailer. He said that the only way to judge it was too see the full movie, so regular 24fps was shown. The footage showed off Gollum, Legolas, Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor Who) as Radagast the Brown with Gandalf, and Stephen Fry as the master of Lake Town.


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