SDCC 12-Peter Cullen Roundtable Interview


Over the SDCC weekend Comicbook Therapy had the pleasure of participating in a special roundtable interview session with legendary Peter Cullen better known as the voice of Optimus Prime and Jeff Kline the Executive Producer of Transformers: Prime on The Hub.

Here is a recap of the interview session with Optimus answering the questions himself.

How did it feel to have Larry King moderate your panel, it must’ve been mind blowing.

Hollywood likes to bring stuff back, but they also like to change things. How do you keep Optimus Prime from changing?

Peter, when [Jeff] Kline made Optimus a Decepticon  [in Prime] did you get emotional about it at all?

Peter you talk about the principles of the character, did you have anyone in mind as the voice of Prime? I always had a vision that Optimus was all the John Wayne heroes rolled into one guy, and that guy would always be there. What was your inspiration from first reading the script?

Mr. Cullen I feel like Transformers: Prime did a very classy thing by dedicating an episode about the consequences of war to your brother. How do you feel about Optimus’ unique brand of leadership? Has it evolved after all these years? Because in Transformers: Prime seems to take a more serious tone about consequences.

How does it feel to voice such an action packed cartoon from the safety of a booth and how does it feel to see the final product.

When someone comes up to you and you talk to them in your normal voice does it break the illusion and fantasy?

When was the first time you realized the massive impact Optimus has had on fans?

Peter in the G1 series you also played Ironhide, do you ever feel like reprising that role again since fans love that voice?

Peter you were two of the most impactful voices for me growing up obviously Optimus Prime and also as the narrator to the intro of Voltron. Are there any other characters from your career that you would like to go back and do even just for fun? (Tape cuts off the beginning of the response which is ‘Characters no not really what I do miss is the environment.’)

What do you think about what Activision is doing with the Transformers games, they are set to release ‘Fall of Cybertron’ next month. Do you think it plays into the mythos with kids being excited that they get to play as Optimus Prime.

Peter all of us in this room have had our lives influenced or impacted by Optimus Prime over the years. How has this role impacted and influenced your life personally?

Have you always been interested in space or was that something that cropped out from being on the show?

Was the way you voiced Prime your first choice or were there other versions you were playing with or any directions given to you on how to voice Prime?

Peter can you talk about how rewarding it is to reprise your role constantly for fans new and old?

Over the year Optimus Prime has had many incarnations over the years, is there any preference to the Prime you like? You know face-plate vs no face-plate or flames vs no flames? (laughter from everyone in the room)

What advice do you give to aspiring voice actors?

Jeff we’ve seen Prime and more recently Bumblebee with a reference to Ratchet show up in [Transformers] Rescue Bots. Will the Rescue Bots show up in Transformers: Prime?

Peter do you have any favorite or have a defining moment of Optimus Prime?

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