SDCC ’12: My First Year

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2012 marks the first year I was able to attend San Diego Comic Con and boy was it a doozey. I knew it would be packed with all kinds of people and have that lingering “Con Smell”, which is mix of feet and ball sweat odors, but in the end it was worth the trip.

Even though I didn’t make it into Hall H for the main attractions, I did make it to some awesome comic book panels and even gossip some with comic book creators!

So here is a list of some of my highlights of the con:

 1. During a DC Comics Batman panel Scott Snyder said “The new joker is going to be f***** twisted”.  He mentioned the new joker is going to be super dark, and will include acts such as torture and killing. Hearing Snyder get all hyped up about it only excited me even more! Also during a DC Comics New 52 Panel Snyder also said Jock would be returning to do the back-up stories for the new Joker Arc! Lastly Snyder showed me Greg Capullos Joker design on his phone and all I can say is it will scary the living crap out of you.

  2. Scott Snyder also confirmed the Swamp Thing/A-man ‘Rot World’ crossover event will have appearances by Frankenstein,Batman, Poison Ivy and Beast Boy for sure, but to expect plenty more ‘A’ and ‘C’ characters cameos. When I asked him if he would stay on Swamp Thing after Rot World, He couldn’t confirm nor deny….

3. Last year Scott Tuft and Scott Snyder wrote this amazing mini-series titled Severed. Well Tuft confirmed they will be working together on another book and plan for a 2013 summer release date.

4. Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli did a stellar job on Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. last year, But now Lemire personally confirmed that they would be working together again soon and to expect something big.

5. Jeff Lemire also said Frankenstein will be joining JLD for a bit.

  6. SPOILER ALERT Hellboy is dead and in December starts the next arc called “Hellboy in Hell”. Mike Mingola seemed super excited when I was talking to him about it.

  7. Also while I browsing Mike Mingola booth his wife informed me that SDCC 2012 would mark the last year he would have a booth set up.

 8. During Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-man panel writer Dan Slott said something huge will happen during issue #700 and that he might have to hide under a rock after fans read it. Also he couldn’t confirm nor deny him staying on the book after MARVEL NOW! relaunch.

 9. I also met up with David Finch at his booth and said new Dark Knight Writer Gregg Hurwitz served up a story so good it gave him chills down his spine. He is also happy that he doesn’t have to write the book anymore.

10. During the Locke & Key panel Joe Hill confirmed his next book will be titled “NOS4A2” and be double the size of his normal books. Also IDW will publish a mini-series with art duties by none other than Gabriel Rodriguez. Expect minds to be blown….

11. While talking to John Layman he mentioned that when he jumps onto DC Comics Detective Comics in October, It would read like a series of one-shots, each focusing on a case at a time. I couldn’t be more excited for this!

12. Mark Waid was super happy after winning three Eisner awards during SDCC. He also said fans will be blown away by Mike Allred artwork in Daredevil #17

13. Brian Wood will write will finally write a Star Wars ongoing series for Dark Horse and has a set release for January 2013.

14. Neil Gaiman is back baby and will write Sandman mini-series with art duties by horror master himself J.H. Williams III. Check out the video here . November 2013 couldn’t get here sooner…..

15. Quentin Tarantino announced during DC Before Watchmen Panel that his new flick Django Unchained would get a comic book treatment.





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