SDCC 12’: Minecraft Meets Team Fortress In Epic Game’s Newest Reveal Fortnite


Day one of San Diego Comic Con had a surprising revelation and its name is Fortnite. What makes the revelation so shocking isn’t what the game is, but who is making it, Epic Games, the very same folks that have motivated me to buy a Bowflex to tone my girlish biceps to mimic those in the brofest known as Gears of War.

Fortnite is said to be a class based, co-op, sandbox survival game where one must scavenge building materials to create a safe house structure to fend off creatures of the night. Elements of combat, strategy, and homemaking make up the core structure of the game.

Early prototype weapons and construction tools consisted of; crossbows, baseball bats, sledge hammers and fire axes. Cliff Bleszinski, who was present, said all weapons would be upgradeable. Some of the possibilities of upgrades were demonstrated on a crossbow. Adding electricity to your bolts zaps zombies and freezes them in their place in an offensive manner, while other upgrades work in a more strategical manner such as the tight rope which grants players the ability to scale buildings and gain quick access from roof top to roof top.

The biggest additive that struck my gamer fancy was the whimsical art style that fell reminiscent of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs spliced with Team Fortress 2. Animations were extremely fluid and possessed super crisp cell shaded edges. Zombies burst into Windwaker-esc purple puffs of clouds after being clobbered by sledgehammers and skies are fully animated to reveal spectacular roiling cloud. All of this is thanks to the shiny new Unreal 4 graphics engine, which makes Fortnite the worlds first game built from the ground up using the Unreal 4 engine.

Fortnite is well away from being remotely finished and is said to be released for PC, and thoughts of a beta are in existence, hints Cliff Bleszinski and company.

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