SDCC ’12: Marvel Mystery Movie(s) Announced


Marvel’s panel at Comic Con is underway and they have finally announced what will be in Marvel Phase Two.  The presentation started with a look back at the past Comic Con announcements. After The Avengers we knew that more characters would be introduced. Who or what is the movie we’ve been waiting for Marvel to announce? Well,  we kind of knew this one but it’s two movies- Guardians of the Galaxy AND Ant-Man.

After announcing the Thor and Captain America titles, Marvel showed off concept art for Guardians including a painting of Rocket Raccoon. The team will be Star-Lord, Draxx the Destroyer, Groot,  Rocket Raccoon and Gamora. It will come out August 1st 2014.  You can see the concept art below. After that  announcement Edgar Wright came on stage.

Wright said “I’m taking the Terrance Malick approach to super heroes.”  They then proceeded to show the previously reported sizzle reel of Ant-man footage that wright had completed not too long ago. The costume is reported to be the Irredeemable Ant-Man costume,  which is the black suit with red highlights. The face was completely covered so there was no hint at who the actor was. Here is the footage description:

The scene is a hallway with two guardians (maybe shield agents?) guarding a door at the end. On the opposite end of the hallway is a vent, and at it stands Ant-Man only a few inches high. He leaps down and we see him running down the massive hallway. Suddenly there’s a flash and he’s full sized, charging the guards. He leaps and flashes again. He punches one at his tiny size and one of the guy’s teeth goes flying out of his mouth as he crashed into a panel. Ant-Man slides down the tie of the other man and returns to full size and, with another flash, is gone. The title comes up, just plain Ant-Man.

“He’s going to kick your ass one inch at a time,” chimed in Edgar Wright.

We knew these films would be next, but Marvel blew the doors off with the announcements. The crowd went wild when the Ant-Man sizzle reel was played, and I hope it pops up online for a little while. More to come from the Marvel Panel, so stay tuned.






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