Screen Caps From The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE Trailer; Screenwriter Addresses Fan Concerns


For the better part of two years, fans have been leery about the pending release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot. During those two years, we’ve seen numerous rumors and scoops that have ranged from origin changes, aliens and castings that have done nothing but confuse and befuddle us. Then, earlier this year, some images from the toy fair leaked and we got to see the general look of the four main stars and, for the most part, fans were actually pleased by them. Today,we got our very first look at the final film, which hints at the origins of Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Leonardo, as well as some of the antics and action that we can expect. Now, I’m not sure if everyone’s expectations were so low that they were pleasantly surprised by the final result, or if the trailer is actually good. Maybe a little of both? Regardless, the folks over at Collider were able to screen cap the trailer, so we have some pretty good looks at the characters that were revealed. You can see those in the gallery below.


One of the most talked about aspects of the film would have to be the origin of the fearsome foursome. For a while, it was rumored that the four turtles would actually be aliens, rather than derive from an accidental “ooze” interaction. Luckily, they’ve scrapped that idea, but they have taken a different approach to the origin, and according to the new trailer, April O’Neil’s father and Shredder are behind their creation some how. The screenwriter for the film, Andre Nemec, in an interview with Coming Soon, discussed some of the fan’s concerns about the film, starting with the famed origin.

“You’ve got to own your own version of what these stories are. Looking through the different iterations of Turtles to date, many of them have different origin stories. T.C.R.I. was a collection container that was used for a company that came from alien ooze at one point. There was another version of the ooze where it was created in a laboratory. There’s the “Daredevil” component that mixes in with the Turtle canon. There’s the sewers. There’s the laboratories. For us, it was important to find our own version of how these particular Turtles came to be so that they can stand alone as their own characters. There’s also the version where, if you touch something after you touch the ooze, that’s what you become. There have been a million versions. In this version we just thought it was important to create our own origin that lives within the balance of it. We didn’t do anything overtly kooky.”

You can’t really blame them for wanting to diversify the films and bring something new to the table. So far, the story they have going is way better than the alien tale they were considering. Any fan would agree with that. A trend we’ve seen in films lately, specifically in comic book movies, is to take a darker approach to the stories and characters. That all began with Christopher Nolan’s first installment in his Batman trilogy and has found its way into many films since then. Nemec discusses the tone of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the approach they have taken with the film.

“Tone was a very interesting question on this movie as far as how dark we really wanted to go. It’s really all in the conflict between the characters. That was the driving principle. The color palettes that were chosen were not designed to be ‘Dark Knight’-ish in that regard. We weren’t looking to make that movie. I’m a huge fan of that movie, but I didn’t eat gobs of popcorn while I was watching that movie. We certainly didn’t want kids to be running for the exits. ‘Mommy! Why did he do that?!’ We weren’t looking for that. We really wanted to entertain and have fun with it. I think we skate — we live — on a very fun line in this movie, whether it’s the action feeling real and exciting, but also fun and adventurous. It really never feels dark in a way that would startle you out of your chair or make you fearful.”

NINJA TURTLESNow, there are two aspects of this film that has many fans upset, even still. That would be the involvement of Megan Fox, who fills the female lead of April O’Neil, and Michael Bay, who is serving as executive producer. Michael Bay is known for his aggressive action style which include many, many explosions. However, being that he is in the producer position, his say in the film isn’t quite as present as it would be if he were directing, which fell to Jonathan Liebesman. So how much of Bay’s touch will we see in the film?

“Michael has been an influence on the movie and he’s certainly been giving his notes and paying attention to the movie as we go through. There are Michael Bay aesthetics. He has a very good sense of action. He has a very good sense of entertainment. I think that, on those influences, you’ll feel Michael Bay’s hand.”

The last time Megan Fox worked with Michael Bay was on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, after which the pair split on rather unstable terms, so it was surprising to hear that Fox was cast in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Many feared that casting Fox as O’Neil would change the aspect of the character and make her more of a sex symbol rather than focus on the aggressive, up-and-coming working reporter that we all know from comics and cartoons. Nemec had this to say about the issue:

“[Megan] just brought a great energy to playing that character. The traditional April that we all know is a girl who is out to prove something. She’s out to make her bones. She’s living in the real world and fighting to get on top. Megan really brought that to playing the character. She does a really terrific job in the movie. She’s a terrific April O’Neil.”

Take that for what it’s worth, I guess. Marketing for the film is just beginning and we still have several months before the film releases this August. We can expect to see the marketing ramp up as we move closer to that date, including more trailers, posters and clips, so we’ll have to wait to pass judgement on this film.

Megan Fox is joined by Will Arnett, William Fichtner, Alan Ritchson, Noel Fisher, Jeremy Howard, Pete Ploszek, Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Woodburn.

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