Scott Snyder’s War On Horses Continues


snyder horseIf you’ve been keeping up with Scott Snyder’s Twitter page, you know the writer has declared war on horses by abusing his powers as Batman head writer. The scribe has killed a total of three horses in the pages of his Death of the Family arc, and countless others which were probably graciously cut by DC’s editorial staff. Mr. Snyder has had The Joker shoot a horse in the face in a backup story, set a horse ablaze to run down the halls of Arkham Asylum, and finally had Mr. Freeze freeze and then punch a horse into little horse bits. This man has repeatedly dodged questions on Twitter as to why he hates horses so much. He has flippantly stated the following:



Mr. Snyder continues to avoid answering the hard hitting question of why he dislikes horses. The writer seems to have a personal vendetta against our equine friends. Where does this deep-seated hatred come from? One could not venture to guess, but we have obtained this footage of someone taking their hatred from the land of fantasy to the reality. Is that Scott Snyder punching a horse in the face? It’s not for us to say, but it does look like him doesn’t it?



Mr. Snyder continues to taunt fans about horse hatred. Earlier today he sent out the link to the following Amazon review [click to see larger image] through is personal Twitter. This man must be stopped before more fictional horses are destroyed. I propose a petition to prevent Mr. Snyder from ever writing a My Little Pony book. Just think what he would do to them?! *if you can’t tell, this is an article in the style of The Onion making fun of the supposed horse controversy and the gif is from Blazing Saddles.


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