Scott Snyder Teases Death Of The Family Conclusion: Plus Preview Pages


Snyder and CapulloScott Snyder and Greg Capullo brought the high heat with Batman #16 released yesterday. The Joker is reaching the conclusion of his deadly game as he lures Batman into his final trap. Assembling all of Batman’s deadliest rogues together to form the court of the Bat King, Joker is finally ready to give Batman the feast he’s been promising. Batman #17 will bring everything to an end. Scott Snyder has been making the rounds today talking about the sure to be shocking conclusion.

batman 18Of course the Batman scribe gave nothing big away, but he did whet fans appetites for the big finale:

I can tell you there are definitely some insane moments in the conclusion and some crazy things happen so, I’ve always been braced for it as something that isn’t designed to just shock for the sake of shocking, but is the culmination of the story in a way that feels organic and surprising. I can’t remember who it was, but I had a teacher that gave me a writing quote when I was a student that said ‘Every ending should be both inevitable and totally surprising,’ and I completely believe that. Hopefully this is an ending that feels organic to the story we’ve been telling, and when you get there you’ll say ‘I can’t believe this just happened,’ and at the same time, you’ll feel that it’s a cumulative, horrible thing out of everything that’s been going on.

It’s hard to imagine with a title like Death of the Family that everyone is going to make it out in one piece. While the story won’t conclude the Batman line, it does have some parallels to Dan Slott’s Spider-Man #700. Snyder recalls joking about the conclusion with his friend Slott:

I was actually joking on the phone with Dan Slott after “Spider-Man” #700. I was telling him how I felt so bad because it sounded like things got crazy for him, and he said, “Wait until you get to ‘Batman’ #17! You’ll have the same.” So honestly, maybe I will go be in a bunker somewhere the day that issue comes out. But I believe in the ending very strongly. I believe in the story beat we’re headed towards.

Two pages of Greg Capullo’s art have also been released to hype up the highly anticipated finale. Issue #16 was an absolute treat. The two page spread featuring the “throne room” was stunning. What do you think will happen in the final pages of Death of the Family?

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Source : DC Comics| CBR