Scott Snyder Talks Joker’s Return In Batman #13


You may remember DC made the announcement that The Joker was returning with a brutal teaser poster. We last saw the Joker in the pages of Detective Comics where he got his face carved off, and now he’s coming back with a new look. Writer Scott Snyder talks about the big storyline kicking off in the pages of Batman #13 with Newsarama.

Snyder talks about coordinating with Tony Daniels over at Detective on the Joker’s departure:

What happened was, DC wanted to take the Joker away for a little while to give room to some new villains that they were creating in the New 52. And I had said that I had an idea for a Joker story down the line. Tony had a couple different ways that he was thinking of making it possible for the Joker to go away for a bit. And in doing so, we talked about his possibility as something we both liked. I thought this one would tail really, really well into this story. And whichever one Tony picked, I knew I could work with it. And this was the one he really wanted to go with. So I figured I’d tail off of that into this story.

But this story didn’t come from that ending. This story was sort of beginning to be built before that. And then there were a number of different endings in Detective that could have worked. But that one was the one Tony wanted to write. And I think it’s going to work really, really well here.

Greg Capullo has been killing it on art, and a chance to see a slightly altered Joker done by him is exciting. Snyder touches on what we can expect to see when he is reintroduced:

He really is going to, obviously, have a new look. At the same time, we want it to echo his iconic look. So it’s Joker in a much more horror movie fashion.

But, without giving too much away, you will see the iconic face and the grin, and he might look a little bit different and scarier. But you’ll find that he’s still himself at his core. And he’s really here in his blood-stained clothes going to work.

The Joker has been away for a year. The storyline is called A Death In The Family, so we can expect some long-term planning on the Joker’s part. Snyder talks about what he’s been up to:

this is the Joker having been away for a year planning all of this stuff, like planting traps and seeds and all kinds of stuff that are going to come to fruition in this thing.

A year ago, Joker decided, I’m going to walk away from Gotham, I’m going to plan my revenge, and I’m going to come back in a year and bring it all back. So this is what he’s been planning to do for a long time. And all of those things are set in motion.

Snyder said that Batman would be self-contained much like Night of the Owls was and there was no need to buy other books to understand the story, but there will be tie-ins with other books. Nightwing, Batgirl, Batman and Robin, Teen Titans, Suicide Squad (with Harley Quinn,) Catwoman, and Red Hood and the Outlaws will all be touched in some way by The Joker’s plan. The story will be in Batman through issue #17, with that issue being a near annual sized issue.

Snyder talks more about how The Joker and Batman’s relationship is in the new 52 and some other little teaser. You can read the full rundown on Newsarma here. A big event so soon after Night of the Owls seems a little rushed, but this one sounds to be worth it. Snyder and Capullo have been doing great work, so my hopes are high on this one. What do you think?

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Source : Newsarama