Scott Snyder Talks About His Upcoming Superman Book


Scott Snyder, writer of the critically acclaimed Batman book among others, was recently announced to be working on a Man of Steel comic with artist Jim Lee for next summer. The news wasn’t the biggest of surprises, but it sent fans into a tizzy of anticipation and excitement (as well it should). With the announcement came a few words on the project from the creative team. Since then Snyder has answered some fan questions on his Twitter account without revealing too much.  Talking to CBR, the writer talked about the challenges these iconic characters presents as well as doubts that arise concerning a writers abilities when it comes to tackling these types of stories:

You go through those panics constantly and I feel like if I didn’t it would worry me more, you know? Just because they’re characters that I love and grew up with — I’ve always said Batman, I always wanted to write Batman, it’s my favorite — and Superman as well, you know. … It’s terrifying, you know, honestly. But the only way to approach it I feel like is you know you love the character, and essentially to find what you know you can bring to them that’s different. … The bottom line is just when you approach [these characters] you have to be able to put the blinders on and say, “I’m writing them as if I’m making them up. They’re mine and I own them.” Otherwise you look around and it’s paralyzingly intimidating because they’re so iconic. You have to just accept that these are your versions and ’cause you love the character hopefully other people will see the DNA of the versions they love in it too and they’ll love yours.


He also touched a little on the Superman story he is writing and what other classic Superman stories have influenced him:

This Superman story really is the biggest, most epic Superman story I can do. It’s sort of like, I always imagine they’re gonna kick me off right after the story so it’s like everything I love about Superman in one. It’s similar where it really is largely about things that I find most heroic and wonderful about him is his sense of restraint in the way that he’s this super hero who has the ability to reshape the world in the way that he thinks would be best. And yet instead he challenges us to do it ourselves, and he looks to us to be inspired, and to inspire us. The story really takes its structure from that, it has the DNA of a lot of my favorite Superman stories like “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?” and “Kingdom Come” and “Red Son.”

With influences like that coupled with Snyder’s enthusiasm, Superman is in extremely safe hands. Snyder talked with CBT back at Comic Con about the Death of the Family storyline, and by all accounts he was a very nice and humble guy who really loves his work. Snyder and Lee on Superman has jumped to the top of my most anticipated comics list. He started Death of the Family with a bang, and it’s almost unbearable waiting to see how that unfolds. If you want to read Snyder’s words on Batman and mentoring new writers, you can read the full interview with CBR by clicking here.


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