Scott Snyder Takes On The Riddler For Villains Month


capullo batman bannerJust a little earlier today DC rolled out a lot of news and 3D preview covers for September’s Villain Month. Today seems to be a media blitz and we learn more details and see a few more previews for the line wide event. One of the more intriguing things to come out after today’s initial announcements is that Scott Snyder will finally give The Riddler his due in the pages of Batman #23.1. The writer spoke with CBR about his take on Mr. Edward Nigma.

riddlerSnyder will be taking a slight break from the story of Zero Year when villain month rolls around to finally pay off something he’s been teasing for months. We got a little taste of The Riddler during Death of the Family in some of the back-up stories and Greg Capullo‘s amazing 2-page spread of Batman‘s “throne room,” but now we finally get a full story featuring Batman‘s smartest foe. The details of the story are being kept under wraps, but Snyder talked about what makes the character so special:

In terms of the Villains Month itself and the Riddler in general, obviously he’s someone I’ve said I’ve been dying to use. And even though he’s a lot of people’s favorite villain, I think he’s actually been one of Batman’s most underused villains over the years. He’s got some terrific stories, but he appears relatively infrequently when you look at his history, or sometimes he has more of a supporting role. So I thought it’d be fun to do an issue that shows why he’s so bad ass and why he is really one of the great Batman rogues.

When you think about it, Batman is the world’s greatest detective, and a case is the same as a riddle a lot of the time. At least in fiction, you investigate a crime and add these pieces up to get your answer. There’s always some kind of closed circuit to that, but the Riddler is always about confounding that loop and confounding that notion of finding an answer. He loves putting forward something that has an answer, but it always becomes more and more buried. So he’s actually testing Batman’s most essential quality in some ways, which is his detection skill. It’s his ability to be smart enough to protect the city from threats that require more than brute force. And what the Riddler sees himself as — and this is something for me to explore — is someone working in a great tradition of riddles. He sees riddles as battles of wits that are all about life and death, which they’ve been throughout moments in history.

One of the things I love about the Riddler is that he is the smartest guy in the room and he knows it, but he’s also a total dick about it. There’s something off in him where he can’t keep it to himself. That’s part of his Achilles heel. He wants to make it seem like he’s challenging his victims to make them smarter. “I’m going to test you and sharpen your wits.” He’s Batman’s greatest sword sharpener in a way, and in the Joker event, that was his title. But on top of being that strategist, at the end of the day he does it just to prove that he’s the smartest.

Snyder goes on to say that this isn’t going to be a total redo of the master of puzzles and mysteries, he’s still going to maintain his humor and his tendency to boast. The best-selling writer touches on The Riddler portrayals brought to life by Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey, but he says his favorite stories come from things like Paul Dini‘s work, Hush, and Dark Knight, Dark City. Having gone into Riddler mode while he prepared for the story, he said he found Run, Riddler, Run was a lot of people’s favorite story. Snyder keeps emphasizing that Riddler is underused, so I’d say we can expect one of the ultimate Riddler stories even though it’s just a one-shot issue. Hopefully this is just the opening shot for Snyder‘s plans with The Riddler. You can read the full interview by clicking here. What do you think?

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