Scott Snyder Speaks On Swamp Thing And Superman


snyder bannerScott Snyder has been a busy man this year, and next year is going to be even busier. With Batman getting ready to face The Joker in the final installments of Death of the Family, his run on Swamp Thing getting ready to wrap up, and an upcoming Superman series as well as some creator owned projects, Scott Snyder has a lot of stories to tell. In between writing smash-hit comics, Snyder spoke with IGN about what he has on his plate.

It was announced recently that Snyder would be stepping away from Swamp Thing. In light of recent events at DC with writers, some thought there might be something too it. Snyder quickly came out after the announcement and assured fans it was part of the original plan. He touched on leaving the book and staying longer than he had originally planned anyway.

The strange thing is that I had originally planned, and Yanick [Paquette] had planned, to probably leave the book before now. So what happened was Rotworld started to develop with Jeff Lemire and Yanick was an integral part to that development process, so we decided to stay on until we could get to the final beats that we had originally planned to do in our story – but in a bigger and more explosive way at the end of Rotworld. So the end of Rotworld in #18 is the same ending, just on a bigger scale. But emotionally it’s the same ending that we were looking for when we began the entire story with issue #1.

snyder and leeAfter touching on all things Batman, Snyder got around to talking about his upcoming Superman series with artist Jim Lee. Snyder has touched on what he thinks makes Superman, Superman before but here he gives an in-depth answer about what he thinks makes the character so great:

In terms of the DCU, being the most powerful character on Earth and being the one with the strongest moral compass – or maybe the most acceptable moral compass, the most ethical – he’s somebody that is an example. Batman is the one you go to for answers and Clark is the one you go to to really do the right thing. He stands as a shining example of what to do in any situation. What I’m interested in exploring with him is really the burden of that. When you have the power to do something that goes beyond what you think is the right thing to do and the difficulty of that. Meaning, to be Superman also means to withhold a lot of power.

If Superman wanted to, he could reshape the world however he thinks it should be. And believe me, I’m sure you’d look at dictatorships or other places around the world where terrible things happen, and you think, why not take those regimes down and just reconfigure the whole political landscape, you know? But Superman doesn’t, historically, do those things. He allows a certain level of self-governing and a certain level of independence, I think out of an admiration for humanity. Because he’s inspired by the best in us and he challenges us to inspire each other to be the best that we can be.

SupermanIn that way, I think there’s a deep heroism that’s incredibly ethical and at the same time makes him open and vulnerable to attacks. Physical attacks but also emotional, psychological, and public. Public attacks of, “Why don’t you do these things, Superman? What is it that you think makes you so great if you don’t interfere in some of these situations?” We’re trying to get to the heart, at least for us – me and Jim [Lee] – of the core aspect of Superman that we’re most interested in: what makes him relevant or irrelevant, the greatest hero or someone who can be criticized and attacked.

Snyder is now holding the reigns on the big two in DC- Batman and Superman. Snyder compared the two heroes and what makes writing them so different. To Snyder, Superman is “completely emotionally open to the reader. Meaning what he tells you is what he’s feeling; there’s a transparency there.” compared to the guarded Batman. Snyder said he looked to a few stories for inpsiration: Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman, Mark Waid’s Superman: Birthright, and Geoff Johns’ Branian run among others. The superman we’ll be seeing in Snyder’s book is comparable to the Superman we see in The Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come. The writer said he likes the Superman that “gets pushed a little bit too far and sort of over steps a bit and the danger of that is definitely in our stories.

Scott Snyder also touched on the recently released Superman trailer and gave his thoughts on the film. He commended the Superman and Batman realism trend in the films and said we’ll see that in his series. There won’t be a lot of supervillains and “crazy colorful aliens” according to the writer, but there will be a giant threat that will shake Superman and the whole world to its core. To read the extensive interview with Snyder, click here. What do you think about Snyder’s take on Superman? Do you think his series will be a good compliment to the movie?


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Source : IGN