Scott Snyder On The Return Of STEPHANIE BROWN And If We’ll See JOKER Again


snyderDC‘s biggest announcement this weekend at New York Comic Con was that Stephanie Brown would be making her New 52 introduction in one story of the weekly series Batman: Eternal. The weekly series launching next year will feature various writers, overseen by Scott Snyder, coming in and telling wild stories in the Gotham that will help set the stage for future things in the main Batman title. The internet went into a tizzy when the Stephanie Brown/Spoiler news hit. Scott Snyder has talked a little bit more about the characters reintroduction as well as whether we’ll be seeing Joker anytime soon in his main series.

spoilerSpeaking with Newsarama, Batman super scribe Scott Snyder expanded on the Stephanie Brown announcement by talking about what went into getting the character back into the pages of a book. While he’ll be overseeing the story, his student James Tynion IV will be writing the actual story:

It was a little overwhelming just to see the support for that character all through the last couple years. We knew we wanted to bring her back in a way that we thought we’d have a good story for her. That’s what DC wanted. So we pitched this one as a way to do it, not the whole weekly [series], but we pitched a story within it to bring her back. They went for it and we’re really excited. We really hope people like it. It’s a different take on the character but it honors who she was before. It’s a reintroduction to her that I think people will like. The guy doing it…I’m writing part of it and overseeing it, but James Tynion who write Talon, Red Hood, and the backups for me in Batman, he couldn’t be a bigger Steph fan. He’s a total Steph geek. I know she’s in terrific hands there too so I can tell you not to worry.

Brown will be Spoiler when we see her. Snyder says the name choice is because they’re wanting to do something a little different with the character. On Spoiler, Snyder said “There’s a different reason for that name now. Even though her father is still Cluemaster and all that stuff, we wanted to do a little bit of a modern take on that character.

JokerSpeaking of character’s getting reintroduced, Snyder also told the site we’ll probably be seeing the Joker sometime in the near future. When last we saw the Clown Prince of Crime, it was in Death of the Family and he was falling deep into the caverns of the Batcave after Batman let him go. Snyder says that where Death of the Family was Joker expressing his love for Batman, the next time we see the villain it will be all about hate:

Well, I don’t want to say when [laugh], but you’re definitely going to see him return at some point during our run. All I want to say about it is if you think about the first big Joker story being about love, where Joker is telling Batman “You’re one of us, we’re here to accept you as our king, so why don’t you kill your family kindly instead of letting it drag out through the years.” So you can only imagine the next time he comes back if that’s how he shows his love, where Batman basically tried to kill him by dropping him, then the next one’s going to be even darker. It’s going to be a lot of fun. So, I have the story in mind, I just don’t want to say when.

Snyder has been absolutely killing it on Zero Year and things are only going to get bigger and crazier in 2014. With the launch of the weekly series, it’s never been a better time to be a Batman fan. Next year, coincidentally, is Batman‘s 75th Anniversary. Snyder, Capullo, the other Bat writers, and DC have big plans for the celebrations and I’d be surprised if Joker wasn’t a part in some way. What do you think about Snyder‘s comments?

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Source : Newsarama