Scott Snyder Was Originally Reluctant For There To Be Zero Year Tie-Ins


zero yearScott Snyder and Greg Capullo are almost at the halfway point of their expansive new take on Batman‘s earliest days. The creative super team have been getting some well deserved praise for their latest Bat epic. When it was announced that other DC books would have loose tie-ins with Zero Year, many fans were left scratching their heads. Snyder is dealing with the past while most of the other books are still in the present and dealing with their own big events. Much like Snyder‘s previous stories, the tie-ins won’t be essential to the main course but it’s still another string of tie-ins regardless. In a recent interview Snyder revealed that he wasn’t too keen on the idea of other books joining Zero Year to begin with.

snyderTalking with ComicBookResources about Batman, The Riddler Villains Month story, and what’s coming up after Zero Year, Snyder explained how both The Riddler issue and the Zero Year tie-ins are outside of the main story. The writer states that Zero Year should be its own thing entirely:

Both of those things are outside of the main story. To be totally frank, doing “Zero Year” it was important to me to have it be one monolithic story and that it would be closer to “Black Mirror” than a story like the Joker where there were so many books that showed so many different angles that you got a big robust story if you picked up everything. I always make it clear with every “Batman” story that you’ll never have to read another book, you’ll never have to read any other series to get the whole story. You’ll get a fuller picture if you read them, but you can just read “Batman.” With this I really wanted a world to play in that was totally mine, and the way we’re going to twist Gotham — you got a glimpse of it in issue #21 — but the degree to which It’ll become a wild city and completely ungoverned is something I wanted to be able to have without having to deal with continuity across the board. If it was happening in the present Superman would come help and Flash would come help; I didn’t want that in the story. I wanted it to be exclusively Batman before we even knew there was a Batman. So when I pitched it to DC, they agreed and I started writing it.

DC came to Snyder with the tie-ins idea and asked if that’s something he would like. The writer said that he originally shot the entire thing down, but after talking to the other writers he realized there was a lot of potential there:

Then DC asked if I minded if some of the stories showed where their characters were in “Zero Year.” My first impulse was to say, “Yeah, I would mind,” and I turned it down. But then I started talking to the writers, like [Jeff] Lemire and Greg Pak who I became really close with, and they both had stories they wanted to do with their characters and I really liked their take, that “This is what Ollie would be and he’d be in Gotham for this reason,” and Greg said, “Well this is why Clark would try to help Gotham at this moment, and this is his power-set.” I liked those stories enough so I said, “If you guys want to do those stories you should do them. I’m not going to have Bruce affected by anything that goes on in those stories.” But they are really good stories in their own right, and it was fascinating to see the characters in these prototypical situations. Superman’s going to be in Gotham for what the Riddler does and also this super serum that’s heading toward the city and he’s trying to stop, and Ollie is there for business reasons.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. Snyder says there are big things coming up in 2014 for Batman‘s 50th Anniversary and he’s working on another large story. Snyder is one of the best writers DC has working for them right now. There are a lot of great talents, but we can all agree if you compile a list he’s sure to be on there. He’s doing some spectacular work with Batman and it’s good to hear that he eventually signed off on the tie-ins. Luckily they aren’t essential reading if you want to know what’s going on in his story. Some of the Zero Year books for other characters do look pretty interesting though. What do you think about other characters going through Zero Year?

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Source : ComicBookResources