Scott Snyder On The Pressures Of Being DC’s J.J. Abrams


superman unchainedScott Snyder is a really busy guy. He’s juggling several big projects this year. He’s getting ready to kick off an epic and lengthy retelling of Batman‘s origins called Zero Year with his partner in crime Greg Capullo, he has a Vertigo series coming later this summer called The Wake, he’s still working on American Vampire, and he also has the highly anticipated series Superman Unchained coming up with artist Jim Lee. Both Snyder and Lee recently spoke with The Nerdist about the Superman. During the interview, Snyder was asked a particularly interesting question.

Snyder was asked about the pressure of writing big properties, and since Batman and Superman are two of the biggest out there a comparison to JJ Abrams was made. When you think about it the Abrams analogy is a fitting one. Snyder has Batman/Superman and Abrams has Star Wars/Star Trek, all of them being highly regarded properties and coveted jobs from other writers and directors respectively. Snyder was questioned about being the comic book equivalent of Abrams and if he felt any pressure working on the two big characters:

Yeah, I do now. Thanks. [laughs] No, I feel tremendous pressure. My wife will tell you that there are a lot of sleepless nights. But, at the end of the day, you have to assume that if you’re doing the stories that you would tell without thinking about what other people will think, that in the DNA of those stories, there’s enough that people will love about them. Otherwise, it’s paralyzingly intimidating. You walk around a con like this and you see a hundred Superman shirts, a thousand Batman shirts and if you think about that, you freeze. All you can do is try to write a story you would want to pick up and read and hope to God that if I love the character enough, you guys will love the story enough. That’s it.

snyder and leeSnyder and Jim Lee went on to talk a little about Superman Unchained and what we can expect from the series. The duo remained coy on how long the book will run, but they said they are working on a big story with “many issues.” The two men went on to tease the new and fresh take on the Man of Steel:

Scott Snyder: It’s a book launching on June 12th and it’s the craziest Superman story we could do together. It’s sort of the Superman story I’d do if I only had one chance to write a Superman story. It’s my version of a Superman story – it pits him against a brand new villain. You’re going to see your favorite characters shown in very different, fresh ways. Classic characters – Lois, Lex, Perry White, the Planet. We really wanted to do a Superman story that shows him in ways you haven’t seen before, exploring his powers and why he does what he does from certain vantage points that you might not have seen before. We want it to feel classic and iconic, but also fresh and different.

That’s really the mission on the book, at least for me. New villain, new book! He’s going to be shaken to his core – emotionally, psychologically and physically. And I hope you guys love it.

Jim Lee: We’re creating a lot of new stuff. There’s a new villain in the first issue, a new penitentiary, new locations. It’s weird – when I worked on Batman, apart from tinkering with the Batcave, everything is fleshed out. Metropolis isn’t exactly the same way, so we’re having fun creating new buildings, locations, characters, secret organizations…breally cool stuff!

You can read the rest of the interview were Snyder touches briefly on Zero Year and how he works on his “horror” stories by clicking here. The Abrams bit was kind of a joking comment, but it makes sense if you think about it. Snyder is getting to write the two biggest names in DC comics, and comics in general. If his Superman is anything like his Batman we are in for a treat. What do you think about the comparison? Are you looking forward to Superman Unchained?

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Source : Nerdist