Scott Snyder Explains The Two Biggest Spoilers From BATMAN #28


Today saw the release of Batman #28, the so-called Spoiler issue. Scott Snyder took an intermission for Zero Year to show us what will be coming up later this year when the title comes back to the present day DC New 52 timeline. There were a lot of big spoilers, but the two biggest had to be some character reveals. Obviously if you haven’t read today’s new issue then you probably want to bookmark this for later. If you have read it, or just don’t care about spoilers, then keep reading.

bluebirdToday’s spoiler issue saw the reveal of Catwoman as the new criminal kingpin of Gotham, Harper Rowe is Bluebird, and Stephanie Brown is introduced as Spoiler ahead of her big role in Batman: Eternal. Snyder had been teasing big things for Harper Rowe since he introduced the character, but it turns out she is neither Robin nor Nightwing as some had originally thought. She’s sort of a combination that fights alongside Batman as Bluebird. Snyder said of the decision to not let Harper pick up the mantle of one of the more famous Batman sidekicks:

I thought about it; I think part of the fun is, when I created her, I tried to not have a status in mind for her. I wondered if maybe she’d become Robin or maybe she’d be a lady Nightwing or maybe she’d become someone else entirely. But it was really more important to me to develop her as a character first. The big issue of why she is called Bluebird and why she picked that persona have a lot to do with her background and the mystery surrounding her mother and some of the material that’s going to come out in “Eternal.”
Just so people are clear, she really doesn’t step into costume for a couple of months into that series. You’ll see her growth and you’ll see why she makes those decisions in that series, and I’ll touch on it in “Batman” too. But I think part of the fun is to create new characters for the 75th Anniversary that show the upcoming generation of allies and villains and celebrate the ones that exist — and there’s going to be plenty of that, I promise you!



The other big shocker the issue threw out was the reveal of Stephanie Brown as Spoiler well before Batman: Eternal, where we were told the character would make her debut. Snyder talked about his love of the character and what spurs her New 52 reintroduction:

For me, I’ve been a fan of her for a long time, all the way back from her Robin status through what Bryan Miller did. I love that series, the “Batgirl” series, I love it dearly and he’s a good friend. So it became about how do we bring her back if we’re going to do the New 52 version of her in a way that honors that character and keeps who she was at the core, but updates the notion of Spoiler? If she’s going to be Spoiler then why is she called Spoiler? What does that mean? Is she someone who knows everything, and does she know everything because of her father or something overheard or because of breaking in somewhere? Does she have all the secrets that everybody wants and that way can we update the idea of Spoiler to be the modern definition of what a spoiler is, and at the same time keep her who she was? It became about those questions, and we’re really happy how it came out.

If you want to see Snyder offer commentary for a few of the other big reveals in today’s issue, you can click the source link below. All of these things will be payed off later in 2014 in the pages of Batman and Batman: Eternal. It will be interesting to see how big of a role Bluebird and Spoiler will play in the narrative. Spoiler seems to have a larger role than we originally thought considering how Snyder really played up her debut. What did you think about today’s issue? Which spoiler are you most excited to see explained?

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