Scott Snyder Drops A Harper Rowe Spoiler Before Tomorrow’s BATMAN SPOILER Issue


harperTomorrow’s issue of Batman will see a break from Zero Year as issue #28 has become a ‘Spoiler Issue‘ for everything coming up later in the year in the Batman family of books. Ahead of the big release, Snyder appeared on the latest episode of DC All Access to talk about the point of the story. He also dropped a spoiler for the spoiler issue. It’s all spoilerception, but the big spoiler relates to Harper Rowe. It turns out a lot of the things fans had guessed about the character are probably correct.

Speaking with one of the show’s host, Snyder was asked about tomorrow’s Zero Year intermission and what the issue is setting up for 2014. When asked to drop a spoiler of his own, the writer obliged (at the :45 second mark if you’d rather watch the video):

Batman 28 is essentially an intermission. Instead of coming back to the present with issue 28 and showing you whats happening right now concurrently with Forever Evil, we thought we’d actually show you all the fun stuff that’s coming up later in the year in 2014 with Batman. So 28 is like a complete spoiler issue because it goes so far ahead and sort of gives away so much of some of the bigger surprises coming up later in the year.
You’re going to learn who the new kingpin of Gotham is and I think you’ll be very surprised by that. But the bigger spoiler- we learn the fate of Harper Rowe and we see her in costume for the very first time as the character she’s going to become. Issue 28, if it had been an issue in Batman Eternal [the new weekly series], it would have been issue 39.5. It really is what’s going to happen, and we know what’s going to happen and what happens after it.

So that Nightwing-esque piece of concept art we saw last year does indeed appear to be Harper Rowe‘s new look. A lot of readers speculated that the young lady who saved Batman‘s life would be turning up as the new Robin after the death of Damian Wayne. While it doesn’t look like she will be Robin exactly, she’ll be putting on a costume and helping Batman. Dick Grayson seems to be in a lot of trouble in Forever Evil. If he kicks the bucket will Harper take on the mantle of Nightwing? Is she another character entirely and the costume is to throw us off? Some of those answers will be revealed tomorrow. What do you think about that interesting piece of spoilery art?

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