supermanLast week Charles Soule teased the next big event in the Superman family of books. The Man of Steel would be going toe-to-toe with Doomsday in a storyline that would take place in Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman, and Action Comics. The writer sent fans into a tizzy when he said that Superman‘s death at the hands of the unstoppable villain had not happened in the New 52 yet. He said that since it hadn’t taken place in the past, so it could well happen in the future. That led some to believe that the big showdown would be the New 52 version of The Death of Superman. You can read the original report here to see if you got the same thing from Soule‘s comments. Well now Scott Lobdell has spoken to Newsarama about leaving the Superman book to make way for Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. He also took the time to talk about the big April event and whether or not it is a New 52 retelling of the classic 90s story.

The April event is officially titled Superman: Doomed. The story will see a knock-down-drag-out battle between Superman and the mindless killing machine known only as Doomsday. Lobdell was asked if people saying this was a remake of an older story was correct. The writer says this is in no way shape or form Death of Superman:

I am sure I speak on behalf of both Charles and Greg when I say that anyone who is expecting a cover band version of the Death Of Superman is going to be sorely disappointed. That story was told nearly 20 years ago. There is zero interest on anyone’s part to do a New 52-version of it.
After the finale of Superman: Doomed #1 is read, you’ll understand that there is no possible way for us to re-tell that story again.
And also, let me say that working with Greg and Charles has been a thrill because we all three go out of our way to keep each other “honest.” If there is something the other two feels is familiar or a point that we don’t understand, we think nothing of challenging or questioning one another to make sure this is the most awesome story ever.
We want to make sure that, like “Death of Superman,” this is a story they are still talking about 20 years from now!

Lobdell goes on to say that his section of the big event will focus more on the human cost of the battle and less about the “super human stakes.” The writer says he will pull the camera in tight and look at the characters involved rather than the blows being traded. He thinks that’s the only real way you can challenge Superman nowadays. Lobdell says of the “overpowered” argument thrown at Superman:

I’ve been reading for years people dismissing Superman as too powerful — as if the solution for that is to de-power him or make him less powerful. But I think Superman: Doomed is the perfect example that the best way to challenge Superman is to upgrade the threat against him and make him have to work much harder to succeed. That’s what’s going to happen here…

So a retelling of Death of Superman may be unfair to say, but I think we can safety say it’s an homage at the least. Superman fighting Doomsday is usually a good read, so we can argue about what it is or isn’t later. The news that Superman: Doomed may be a retelling of Death of Superman started to take a life of its own, so it makes sense that one of the event’s writers would want to get out in front of it. What do you think about Lobdell‘s comments?

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Source : Newsarama