Scott Lobdell Makes No Apologies For His TEEN TITANS Run


teen titansTeen Titans fans were a little surprised to learn that writer Scott Lobdell was leaving the series after issue #30 and the annual coming out in April, and that instead of putting together a new creative team DC decided to cancel the title altogether. Lobdell’s run had been divisive among readers in part to the new origins to characters like Kid Flash, Red Robin, and Superboy, but that was due in large part to the mandates required by the New 52 relaunch. The writer recently spoke to Newsarama about his run and what he would like people to know about his time on the series.

After teasing what’s coming up in his final two issues and how he was proud he made the team more diverse with characters like Bunker, Lobdell was asked if there was anything else he wanted to tell Titans fans. The writer did have one final statement:

I know it was a bit of heavy lifting for some of the longtime fans of the core characters on the book — and Newsarama fans haven’t been shy about voicing their complaints — but I can’t find it in my heart to apologize.
I was hired to write a series that started the team “on page one”… no history, no preexisting relationships, for readers that were not familiar with the concept of Teen Titans. The new continuity being what it was, Bart could not have been Bart Allen from the future, Superboy could not have been a clone who spent the last few months living on the Kent Farm as Ma and Pa had died some 10 years ago, and on and on…
… so while I wouldn’t expect anyone to agree with every choice I made or was handed, I will say I remain very proud of the book I’ve worked on for the last 30-odd issues. And I’m very grateful to DC that they entrusted me with a book that is still standing with its head held high as we shuffle off the stage and let someone else take the spotlight! I, for one, can’t wait!

Now he says Newsarama fans, but you can read that as the internet as a whole. And while it remains to be seen in what condition the team is in after Lobdell’s run, the writer does know that his end isn’t the definitive end for the Teen Titans. When asked if he had a clue what would happen next, he replied “Not a one! But I had dinner with Dan DiDio just last night and he is very excited and upbeat about DC’s plans for the Teen Titans…. and that’s good enough for me!” The writer got strong reactions from readers on both sides of the spectrum, and it seems he isn’t backing down for what he did during his tenure not that it’s at an end. It’s like they say, it’s only bad when people aren’t talking about you. What do you think about Lobdell’s comments? Do you understand where he’s coming from now that he’s opened up about the various changes?

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Source : Newsarama