Scott Derrickson Talks A Bit About DOCTOR STRANGE


doctor-strange-scott-derrickson-exclusiveIn a rather surprising- yet not overly surprising- move, Marvel tapped horror director Scott Derrickson to lead the charge in bringing the master of mysticism Doctor Strange to the big screen. I say surprising because many fans hadn’t thought about a horror director for a project like this. A fantasy director like Guillermo Del Toro, sure, but horror? It just may work! Derrickson is out doing promo work for his latest project, Deliver Us From Evil, and took a few moments to discuss Strange with the folks at JoBlo. In true Marvel fashion, the director wasn’t able to give too many details, but he did discuss how fans have reacted to him taking the job.

I think the nicest surprise for me, the most unexpected surprise, is the positive reaction. Both to me getting the film – I guess I expected the detractors, and they just haven’t been there, it’s all been quite positive. More than that, it’s just the general enthusiasm for Doctor Strange. I think people who know the comic world and the Marvel universe, they all feel the same way I do, which is, “This is the Marvel movie we’re all ready to see now.” This movie needs to exist. The outpouring of excitement that people have shown is the thing I’ve been most pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned, this was a bit of a left-field choice and I think may folks were pleasantly surprised by it. Derrickson turned heads with Sinister, which got his name out there. I’m intrigued and excited to see where he goes with it. It should please fans to know that the director is a life-long fan of Doctor Strange, his favorite character in the Marvel universe actually and he does have a favorite run as well.

I think when you consider the work that I’ve done it makes sense that he’d be my favorite comic book character, at least in the Marvel universe. Probably the only comic character in that mainstream world that I’m suited to. I feel such an affinity for the character and the story and the ambition of those comics, especially the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko “Strange Tales” – I think those are my favorite of all of them. The entire history of the comics is extraordinary.

Derrickson also says that he actively pursued this project as well and did pretty much everything he could in order to land the job, saying that he “Genuinely felt like I was the right guy to do it.” That we will just have to wait and see. Naturally, he was asked about casting for the lead character and if he had anyone in particular in mind, but expertly dodged that question, saying he couldn’t speak on that. He was also asked if this film will skew more towards the horror side of things compared to past Marvel projects, to which he simply replied “We’ll see!”. My gut tells me yes on that one.

At this point, we don’t have a specific release date for Doctor Strange, but we do know that the character will be part of Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been many rumors regarding casting as well, from Johnny Depp to Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The most recent rumor suggests that Jared Leto is being considered. Not to mention Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy being on Marvel’s shortlist for the role. We’ll have to wait and see who lands the coveted role.

What are your thoughts on Derrickson taking the helm? Is he the right man for the job? Who would you like to see take on the character?


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