Scott And David Tipton Talk Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time 50th Anniversary Special


prisoner of timeAs all good Whovians know, 2013 is the 50th Anniversary year for the longest running sci-fi show in history. While we don’t know what will happen on television during Doctor Who’s anniversary, we do know that all 11 Doctors will be featured in IDW’s Prisoners of Time miniseries. The 12 issue series is written by brothers Scott and David Tipton (Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2) with a different artist every issue. The first issue out January 23 features art by 2000 AD’s Nikolai Dante.

The authors spoke with CBR about the multi-Doctor series. In Prisoners of Time, each issue will feature a story featuring eachfirst dw Doctor. #1 is the First Doctor, #2 is the Second Doctor etc. etc. It story will be its own adventure, but there will be an overall mystery running through the event. The duo remained secretive about what villains will feature in the story, stating that they’re trying to use as many of the famous rouges as they could manage. They did reveal the return on one of the First Doctor’s foes however:

David: We can’t give away too much at this time, of course! In the first issue, we will see the Zarbi, the giant insectoid species who are among the most infamous antagonists of the First Doctor. I think you’ll see equally well-known “Doctor Who” villains throughout the series.

The writing partners were asked which Doctor’s they enjoyed watching and writing most:

Scott: They always say your first Doctor is “your” Doctor, but my favorite to watch is still Tennant, who brought such a depth and emotion to the part. As for which is my favorite to write, I can’t say yet! I feel like I have a good handle on the Eleventh Doctor, but the First and the Second were both incredibly fun to write, as are Three and Four, which we’re currently working on.

David: We’re working on all of the Doctors for this series; we’re taking some special effort to make sure they all get attention to mark the 50th anniversary.

second dwCompanions will also play a big part in the story. The brothers will work in as many as they can, but they will try most to capture the feeling of each Doctor’s run. And if writing a multi-Doctor story (which fans hope happens on the show too!) wasn’t enough, the two have to divide writing duties. Scott commented on how the writers go about that task:

I write all the nouns, he writes all the verbs, and every issue we rotate.

Seriously, though, it all runs pretty smoothly. We figure out the plot together and break down the issue roughly by pages, in terms of what’s happening on each page. Then we divvy up the pages by scenes in such a way that we each have roughly half to contend with. We each script half the book separately, then once it’s put together, we both take a rewrite pass over the whole thing to make sure everything lines up. Like a well-oiled machine.

You can read the interview in its entirety by clicking here. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time kicks off this January. With 12 issues and 11 Doctors, you can take a few guesses on how the 12th issue will go. The brothers did a great job with Doctor Who during the Assimilation2 storyline, so it will be interesting to see a who-centric story from them. What do you think about the miniseries? Are you excited for it?

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Source : CBR