Scoop: What Wonderful Easter Egg Was Cut From Man Of Steel?


Those of you tDianaPrincehat follow me on Twitter or know me personally know that I was amped for Man Of Steel. Years and years of anticipation for one of my favorite characters to return to the big screen had me at a fever pitch for the movie to hit. Getting me even more excited for the film, was that I had made some trusted contacts that were providing me with information about the film. Most of them were covered during my time at another site, but I have dropped a few here as well.

One of those was that Wayne Enterprises was getting a name drop in the movie. This was later confirmed by director Zack Snyder himself, and by now most have seen it in the movie. Not only was that in there, but there was lots of other little ones in there such as S.T.A.R. Labs and LexCorp.

However, there was one that I knew about that I teased on Twitter, that I wouldn’t reveal. It was a character that was due for some sort of big screen attention that I wanted people to be surprised by when they saw it. The surprised on was me, however,  when I didn’t see it in the film. So I asked, and it appears as if the scene has been cut from the movie. So I have decided to write this little piece up about what it is I know.

Spoilers About Man Of Steel From This Point:

Okay, during the battle of Smallville, Supes gets walloped into a bank, and smashes a vault door. During this sequence, while in the bank, two things were cut out. The first one, which was reported on back in April, is the Mayor of Plano, IL, where the Smallville scenes were shot, had a small cameo in the film as the bank manager. But what I also heard was that there was a Diana Prince Easter Egg somewhere in the bank too.

As you probably know, Diana Prince is the alter ego of Wonder Woman. I wasn’t given the exact details of the scene, but this past April, Empire came out with their Man Of Steel issue where they said, “Look out for a particularly oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening bank teller”. Based on what I have been told and what they learned, all signs point to that possibly being the reference. Also, whether or not this makes it on to the blu-ray/DVD extras, who knows. Snyder has said there was only one scene cut from the film. That all the cutting came by shortening scenes down, so this would fall into this category.

With all the Justice League talk floating around, it will be interesting to see how these character Easter Eggs will add to the cohesive universe they are trying to build. Could you just imagine Bruce Wayne telling Superman he owns him money for the satellite him a Zod destroyed? Regardless, with Man Of Steel’s box office things are looking up for DC’s cinematic universe.

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