Scoop: LexCorp Isn’t The Only Big Business Getting A Namedrop In Man of Steel


WayneEnterprisesAre you ready for Man Of Steel yet? DC’s next attempt to get something other than Batman going on the big screen is about a month away, and has fans buzzing with anticipation. We are getting into that really exciting part right before the movie hits, where we get new TV spots that tease new footage.

In the third trailer that debuted in April, fans got a treat when they noticed a shot of Lex Luthor’s famous company LexCorp in the skyline of Metropolis. However, I am hearing that isn’t the only big business that will be mentioned in Man Of Steel. That’s right fans, Wayne Enterprises will be mentioned in some sort of fashion in the film. I have not been told how, or in what way, but keep your ears at the ready for this one.

But that’s not all! As if that wasn’t enough Worlds Finest for you, I have also been told that there will be more of a direct reference to the Batman character. I’m sure that most are wondering if it will be Christan Bale’s Batman they are referring to, and the answer is no. This will be part of, if Man of Steel is a success, the new Batman for the DC Universe that WB is creating for their superhero films. Once again, no word to me on how they will refer to him, but it should be awesome none the less.

One more thing that I have been told pertains to the plot it’s self, and is not that big of surprise. It was revealed in one of the junior novels that the third Kryptonian that Superman will take on is Nam-Ek. What I have learned is that Faora and Nam-Ek will be subordinates to Zod, and will report directly to him.  So once again, not a big shocker, and most people probably guessed it already.

So there you have it! Once again, and I stress, for DC and Warner Brothers to fully embrace a movie cinematic universe, people need to go see Man Of Steel. The references don’t mean anything if the film flops. Also, I will bringing more awesome news to you on DC’s movie universe as soon as I can get it, so make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy!

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