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Okay, kids here we go. My interview with SCAM creator, artist and writer Joe Mulvey is finally here. He is a super-talented, Twitter addicted, hockey and beer loving New Yorker and one of the nicest guys you’ll come across online – and in person if you’re lucky. 

SCAM, one of the most original superhero comics I have read in a long time, delivers tons of fun and is a true gem among the other titles on the shelf. With four action-packed and fun issues released as a serial via ComixTribe comes the SCAM Ultimate Collection Hardcover Graphic Novel Kickstarter campaign. I could tell you about the book and the current campaign, but I’ll let Joe tell you about himself in the following video. Then stick around and read our interview below.

Chris: After almost two years in the making, you recently released the SCAM series finale. What are some of the things you learned over that period of time about the industry or even a quick pros and cons (no pun intended) as you move forward with new projects?

Joe: The biggest thing I learned was planning and production. Deadlines and really streamlining the creative process.

Chris: You’re immersed in Twitter on a daily (and nightly) basis. What is it about the 140-character medium that you love so much, with regard to having a creator-owned series? 

Joe: The immediacy of twitter has me completely smitten. I’m not on any other forms of social media that much. For quick interactions it’s great. Getting suggestions or ideas is unbelievably quick. OH! And sports! If I’m missing a game, I’m updating my twitter feed to get the quickest scores and news. 

Chris: With the success of your series, you have started a Kickstarter campaign. Give our readers the rundown on what they can expect to get from backing your project. Also, what are some incentives that you’re really stoked about? 

Joe: The SCAM ULTIMATE COLLECTION is up on Kickstarter now and it collects the SCAMminiseries as well as the never before seen SCAMthology. A 100+ page book with over 15 different stories featuring characters from throughout the SCAM universe told by Established and up and coming creators. We’ve got some great pledge levels up there now and we’ll be adding a LOT more as the campaign goes on. It’s all about letting teh backers get a unique look in on the book and have a fun experience with the creators involved.

Chris: Back to Twitter for a moment, did your feed light up when the finale of SCAM came out? What kind of overall reaction did you receive? And did you have any surprise comments?

Joe: The week we released the last issue was pretty crazy. SCAM is a conman story and it all culminates in that last issue. So I’d say I got 75% great comments and 25% not so nice. But that’s to be expected with ANYTHING on the internet.

Chris: For those that may not know, tell us how you got involved with ComixTribe and seriously just how much work went into promoting the SCAM books.

Joe: I was doing a series of articles online called “What Do You REALLY know about comics?” (That are now running on Tyler James, the Publisher of ComixTribe discovered me through those, then saw my process work for SCAM on my website. We got to talking and ended up working together from there. It’s been the best creative relationship in my career. AS for how much work goes into promoting? TONS! It’s never enough. I want everyone to know about SCAM and COMIXTRIBE. So we do everyhing within our power to get the word out. Podcasts, interviews, signings, conventions, even putting up a Billboard in Vegas.

Chris: Like many of your fans, I love the characters in SCAM and want to see them grace more comic pages in the future. Please tell me we’ll see them again. Perhaps in their own books? In other titles?

Joe: The series is written and structured as a trilogy. So there’s more to be seen in the future from SCAM. And in SCAMthology which is included in the SCAM ULTIMATE COLLECTION we see how many stories are able to be told with these characters so they are ripe for future possibilities. If the Kickstarter gets funded and we keep selling books, the future will be very bright for the SCAM franchise.

Chris: And give us a bit more insight about the type of comic fan you are. Who are your major influences? Plus, who’s your all-time favorite hero or villain, and which character are you just chomping at the bit to get a chance to draw?

Joe: My influences are pretty vast but off the top of my head I’d say Art Adams, Frank Quietly, Joe Eisma, Humberto Ramos, Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder, Rick Remender, Nick Pitarra, Ed McGuiness, Immonen, McNiven , the list will just go on and on. As far as characters to draw, I’d love to draw a LOT of them. BUt true passions are Red Hood. I WOULD LOVE to be involved with that character. Kraven and NightCrawler have always been long time favorites. Wolverine and Batman are a given. But Iron Fist and Namor would be pretty sweet too. Venom, Madder Red, man AGAIN there are too many to list. But I will just say I want to make some great comics that stand the test of time. For every publisher I can. Comics are a huge sea and I’m just starting to get my feet wet but I hope to be swimming for a long time.

Chris: That’s just fantastic Joe. Thanks again for taking the time to chat and good luck with your Kickstarter campaign that comes to a close this Friday, February 28, 2014.

I’d also like to put a special thanks to Brett and Mo from We Talk Comics (via for putting the first issue of SCAM in my hands, and to Alpha Comics for making sure I got the rest of this awesome series.



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