Saving Callie: A Hero In Need


GeekxGirls’ Callie Cosplay is in great need, please take the time out to read and see how you can assist her.


Elektra By David Thorpe Photography. Retoucher: Maestro Clix

It’s never easy seeing the one you love struggling before you and feeling helpless as it get worse. GeekxGirls’ own Roxy Lee is going through that exact situation as Callie Cosplay (also of GeekxGirls) is currently undergoing a health crisis. She’s a very talented and intelligent young woman who’s been struggling with her health and needs assistance. Below is an excerpt from her donation site:

“I lost insurance a while back before I needed a surgical procedure so the doctors could rule out lymphoma or another type of cancer. I saw 8 doctors who told me I needed to have the surgery, and was in and out of 3 hospitals frantically trying to find someone who would remove a lymph node before I got worse. All of the doctors were throwing around the “cancer” word while they kept ruling out everything else through seemingly endless amounts of blood work. I lost insurance officially back in November 2012, 7 hours before my scheduled surgery. The one that was supposed to rule out the scary thing the doctors kept telling my family and me. I have only gotten worse since then.

My immune system has completely shut down, and all of my lymph nodes are still swollen. I continue to get worse in health, as the doctors cannot do the right procedures to figure out what is wrong with me due to the fact I am unable to afford all of the expenses. I am in pain all the time, and my body hurts so much it is hard to function in everyday life. I have endometriosis on top of this and have struggled with depression about my medical issues, and my overall health and well being. I have gone through hell and back, been stuck with needles hundreds of times and with no answers at all, aside from the fact that yes, something is seriously wrong.”

 After reading this and Roxy’s statement, it deeply saddened me and hit home. We’ve been there at some point and tried to see what we can do to help the situation get better. Callie is one of many talents and has a deep rooted passion in cosplay. Completely selfless, she wants to be in costume and visit children’s hospitals and etc. She is truly one with a great warrior spirit, optimistic and holds onto the joys of life. I may not know her, but she’s already done a lot for me and shown me to see the true beauty of life. Because of such, she is my hero.

She’s a great example of perseverance and with our help, we can get her the support and donate what we can to help her get better. Visit Callie’s fundraising page to donate and her print store Callie’s Closet where all proceeds are going to her medical expenses. We’re all a family in the Geek/Nerd community, when one suffers, we all suffer. When one’s joyful, we’re all joyful. Thank you all for your help.

Viva Callie!


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Source : Geek Girls