Samuel Jackson Thinks A Nick Fury Standalone Movie Couldn’t Really Stand Alone


furyWith Samuel L. Jackson‘s Nick Fury seemingly taking on a larger and larger role with the release of darn near every Marvel movie, fans have been wondering for a while if the eye-patched badass will be getting his own movie in the future. Jackson is nearing the end of his original nine picture deal, but the actor has said before that he’d be willing to sign back up as long as the material remains good. He’s also got the solo-Fury movie question a few times, but in a recent interview with Moviefone, the actor explained how even if he got a standalone movie it wouldn’t really be able to stand on its own.

When asked about Fury‘s expanding role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if that meant we might be seeing the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. branching out on his own anytime soon, Jackson said that he would love to but a Fury solo movie presents a challenge:

Oh, I’d love to do a Nick Fury film, but it would probably involve all these people also in the same way. I mean, the “Iron Man” standalone is kind of different. But, I mean, Nick being Nick and where he is in terms of S.H.I.E.L.D. and all this other stuff, I always imagined that there would be some of these other people involved in that somewhere and in some way. It would be interesting to find out what they think his development was. I often think about his relationship to Cap. He’s sort of ageless. Right now I’m not real sure, because, you know, the Nick Fury I remember was a guy with a patch in World War II or whatever. So how old is this dude? And why is he still around and so vital?

nick furyJackson has the star power and the box office draw for a solo movie, but he brings up a good point about how Fury is so ingrained in the goings on of the superhero world at large. It would be a challenge to make Fury completely stand on his own, but I think Marvel could pull it off if they ever decided that was a direction they wanted to go.

Toward the end of the Marvel section of the interview, the topic of race in movies was brought up. Jackson‘s Fury was universally accepted, in part due to the fact the Ultimate Universe Fury was black, but Jackson talks about the outrage over recent casting announcements like Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch:

I was surprised that there hadn’t been more outrage or outcry, but I guess the audience now that’s watching these films — a lot of them haven’t gone back in that comic book history to see that, you know. When somebody says David Hasselhoff played Nick Fury, people kind of dismiss it as, “Well, that had to be f**ked up because David Hasselhoff did it.” So, they don’t see it that way, but yet, still this week, I look online and, you know, now people are all bitched out because Quvenzhane (Wallis) is playing Annie (in the new film version of the musical “Annie”). It’s kind of like, it’s a f**king fantasy, you know. People do this kind of thing all the time. It’s another iteration of Annie so accept it or don’t accept it.

Jackson and Hasselhoff have had an interesting little back and forth in the press regarding Nick Fury. Hasselhoff would love to have the role back, because he’s got a wide-open schedule nowadays, but Jackson has talked about how times have changed since The Hoff‘s TV movie. That’s neither here nor there, but it’s funny Jackson throws that out there in his answer. What do you think about the actor’s comments? Would you want to see Fury get his own solo movie after the events of The Winter Soldier?

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Source : MovieFone.Com