Samuel Jackson Comments On Unbreakable 2


sam jacksonDo you remember Unbreakable? You know the film back in 2000 with Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson? It was the superhero thriller written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Many consider it to be Shyamalan’s last good movie. Fans have been hoping for a sequel for well over a decade. The film gained a cult following and made Time’s list of top ten superhero movies of all time. While making the rounds for Django, Sam Jackson commented on Unbreakable among many other things.

Over the course of Jackson’s chat with Huffington Post he brought up Elijah Price, aka Mr. Glass, the villain to Bruce Willis’ hero. The follow-up question was about whether there was or will be a sequel:

There were supposed to be three. I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the brilliant director who wrote it and didn’t do the rest of them. I mean, he hasn’t made a really good movie since then.

unbreakableJackson shared his views on some of Shyamalan’s other movies, but the actor sounded like he was still up for a sequel if it happened. He commented on how it would be received by the fans while continuing to compare Shyamalan with Quentin Tarantino:

Everybody would be waiting for it, yeah. It would be crazy for it. It would trend through the roof now on Twitter. But, yeah, they would. But Quentin makes movies that Quentin wants to see. I don’t think M. Night makes movies for the same reason. Quentin makes movies that are genres that he wants to see. “I like Spaghetti Westerns — I’m going to write a Spaghetti Western. I like blaxploitation movies, too – so I’m going to make the protagonist black.” So, he’s got a blaxploitation western with Hong Kong undertones. The “Bullet Ballet” undertones. He wants to see it and I want to see it. I want to be in that kind of movie.

The actor also got one more shot in when asked about M. Night’s penchant for “big” twist ending:

Yeah, there’s that. And there’s, you know, “I’m smarter than everybody coming to watch my movie.” Quentin’s not that. He’s just, “I want you to love my movie. I want you to love it and enjoy it because this is fucking cool.”

Jackson is always candid in his interviews, that’s for sure. While it sounds like he’s not too hot on Shyamaln, it doesn’t seem like that alters his views on Unbreakable. You can read the full interview where Jackson talks about Django, how he thinks Mace Windu survived the prequels and more, if you click here.

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Source : Huffington Post