Rumors And Spoilers Oh My! Possible Guardians Of The Galaxy Details Hit


guardians-galaxy1We know that James Gunn is doing something weird and wacky compared to all the other Marvel movies. The director has been very secretive about Guardians of the Galaxy so far, but HitFix may have cracked Guardians wide open. The site has a rundown featuring news on characters, plot details, surprise cameos, and who might be playing some of these as of yet unannounced characters. HitFix is pretty reliable, so read own at your own risk!

chris prattFirst off we know that Gunn is one of the main writers of the script along with Nicole Perlman and Chris McCoy. The site is reporting that Iron Man scribe Drew Pearce was almost hired to do the final polish on the script, but Marvel went with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America) instead. The plan is to use Guardians as Phase 2’s Iron Man. The idea is that Chris Prat’a Star-Lord will be the “Robert Downey Jr.” of Phase  who helps launch a whole new world for Marvel. That’s all well and good, but what about the characters?

Movie Gamora, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon will be staying pretty close to their comic book counterparts. Gamora will be the last survivor of a race who was wiped out by Thanos. She was taken as an infant and raised by the Mad Titan to be the ultimate weapon. She is skilled in all forms of combat and has superhuman strength, speed, and is especially skilled with bladed weapons. Rocket Raccoon will start out as a guard at the Keyston Quadran, a big intergalactic asylum. He has a partner named Wal Russ (a talking Walrus, because a talking Raccoon clearly wasn’t enough). Not much is known about Groot, but apparently he will come to earth to experiment on humans, but Nick Fury talks him out of it.

Drax starts out his life as a saxophone player named Art. Yes, Dave Batista could possibly be playing saxophone in a flashback sequence. Drax is a more complicated character. Here is what HitFlix said about the other big green smashing machine:

He was killed by Thanos in the Mojave Desert, where his “astral form” was later found by Kronos, who was trying to stop Thanos. He used this astral form to create a superhuman warrior named Drax, who can fly and who is practically invulnerable. He can fire cosmic blasts as well.

john c reilyNow with all that info you’d think Thanos was the big bad, but that’s not so. Apparently Michael Rooker’s Yondu will be the film’s antagonist. This runs a little counter to the character’s comic book counterpart, but Rooker could make it work. Here’s the most interesting part of the Guardians rundown- Marvel has offered John C. Reilly the part of Rhomann Dey. It’s going to be a huge commitment described as the Agent Coulson of the Guardians. He will be the go-between for the Guardians and S.H.I.E.L.D.  Rhomann Dey, as you may know, is the leader of the Nova Corps.  No details on that particular thing, but HitFix really stressed he was the leader of the Nova Corps.
Dey will have a colleague and Marvel is reportedly looking at people like Hugh Laurie, Alan Rickman, and Ken Watanabe for the part.

Remember how we heard Lee Pace was said to be The Controller? Well they’re saying he’s going to be a character who starts out evil then goes good so Marvel can set up a spin-off staring Pace. Who is he though? Nova? Adam Warlock? Even Mar-Vell? those are the characters the site throws out. So what do you think of this massive amount of Guardians details?

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Source : HitFix