Rumor: X-Force Movie May Be in the Works at Fox


X-force-vol-3-20100520114310610We are just a few weeks away from being re-immersed in the world of the X-Men with the release of James Mangold’s take on The Wolverine. Along with that, Bryan Singer and his massive troupe of actors are currently filming X-Men: Days of Future Past, the polarizing sequel to the surprisingly well-received First Class, which was helmed by Matthew Vaughn. The question still remains as to where Fox and the their film universe overlord Mark Millar will take the X-Men franchise. Millar has hinted that the mutant universe would likely be expand beyond its current borders and a new rumor may give us an idea of how that may happen.

It is being reported by X-MenFilms that a movie based on X-Force is in the works at Fox. Now, this news seems a bit pieced together, but if you look at the pieces, it’s hard to deny the possibility of it actually happening. A few months back, Fox had registered the web domain of, which usually means the studio is at least exploring the idea of that property. Millar also talked about the team last November, saying:

“You have to remember that Fox grabbed the X-Men back in the ’90s because it was the biggest franchise in the world. So X-Force or Cable or Deadpool — all these amazing characters are things we haven’t really gotten to yet. ‘X-Force’ #1 was the second biggest book of all time behind Jim Lee’s ‘X-Men’ #1, so there’s an immediate brand recognition to that stuff and a build in fanbase.”

Cable is a character that many fans have been chomping at the bit to see adapted to the big screen and this may be the chance to make it happen. Like many of the teams in the X-Men universe, there have been many members involved with the team, including Psylocke, Wolverine, Deadpool, Archangel, Colossus, Forge, Warpath, and Sunspot. If you look at the roster of the team, past and present, many of the characters have either been introduced on film already or will be next year when Days of Future Past arrives in theaters.

To reiterate, this is just a rumor at this point, but it was learned tonight that an after-credits scene was featured at the screening of The Wolverine tonight, but we have yet to hear what the scene entailed. If I were to make a bet, I’d say it is a tie-in to Days of Future Past, but it very well could be a way of announcing the X-Force project. Keep checking back to ComicBookTherapy for the latest on this developing story.

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Source : X-MenFilms