Rumor: Vin Diesel Weaseled His Way Into GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY


dieselRemember those several weeks last summer when Vin Diesel kept teasing great big secret meetings with Marvel about some unspecified movie roles? The actor took to social media, mainly his Facebook page, several times dropping clues and hints to his fans. Diesel was rumored for everything from Thanos to Vision. The actor ultimately ended up landing the role of Groot in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy, but a new rumor claims things weren’t as straightforward as the Fast & Furious star led folks to believe.

Kevin Feige said on several occasions that he was surprised by Diesel‘s comments and social media posts, saying the studio hadn’t really had any serious talks with Diesel until Comic Con. Bleeding Cool claims they’ve heard that it was Diesel‘s incessant posts that opened the door at Marvel. Things really got going when  the actor posted that Marvel requested a meeting and he had no idea what it was concerning. That message was deleted, but the fire had already been sparked. News sites, ourselves included, ran several stories about Diesel‘s Marvel talks. Well here’s what Bleeding Cool had to say about that whirlwind time when everything was coming up Marvel and Vin:

There was much commotion, the post was taken down and people wondered what was going on. He then posted about a follow up meeting.
The truth? Vin Diesel had made it up. That’s according to this Marvel Comics exec. They told me that Marvel had not requested an initial meeting, Vin Diesel was just playing around with social media and may not have realised the geekstorm that his words may have caused. And the voice of Groot had not been cast.
However Marvel noticed the geekstorm. Had a few words. And had a meeting. Found him Groot. And the rest is history.

So if this is true, Diesel struck up the band and then let his fans run wild until the noise was so loud Marvel couldn’t ignore it. That’s actually quite a brilliant move on Diesel‘s part. Many actors have tried to start fan campaigns, but this could be the first ever successful one. Now this is a rumor and we should take it with the required salt, but it is a funny story that gives us a few things to think about. What do you think about Diesel-Gate? Do you think this is how it really went down?

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Source : BleedingCool