Rumor: Potentially Huge Spoilers Surface For X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST


This article is going to go over a lot of potential SPOILERS, so please be warned ahead of time that if you don’t want possible Days of Future Past plot points exposed, I strongly urge you to stop reading now.

I mean it. Don’t read any further! Go read about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and how they actually look pretty decent!


For those that are still with me, let me drop a disclaimer that these possible spoilers originate from the forums over at Comic Book Resources and we can not in any way confirm the validity of what you are about to read. However, after seeing the plethora of Empire Magazine covers that dropped tediously yesterday and looking at past  trailers, screen shots and set pics, this information could in fact be accurate. On the flip side, it could be an elaborate assemblage of information gathered from those images and pics. Obviously, only time will tell whether or not these spoilers are true.

Below you will find a rather healthy dose of potential plot points for the upcoming Days of Future Past. Go ahead and read the first and I’ll meet up with you at the end to discuss a few things. See you in a bit.

Young Jean Grey appears in the past.
Cannonball appears in a mutant refugee camp in the future that is attacked by Sentinels.
Rogue has been captured so the Sentinels can duplicate her powers and use it against mutants. The X-Men later rescue her, and, due to the genetic manipulation done by the Sentinels, Rogue briefly displays super-strength and flight during the escape.
The Sentinels are made of magnetized plates and therefore can change their shape, becoming learner or bulkier. The addition of Rogue’s powers makes them virtually unstoppable, which is why the X-Men decide to move forward with the last-ditch effort to change the outcome of the war by altering the past.
There is a mutant unit led by William Stryker that Havok and Toad are a part of, in 1972.
Banshee left the X-Men to be with his family, and Emma Frost has been captured by the government again, but Magneto isn’t bothered to break her out yet again.
Mystique assassinates President Kennedy while Magneto tries to stop her, which results in him being captured and forced to join the unit. However, this is part of his plan, and Mystique later stages an attempt against President Nixon’s life so Magneto can break out.
When Mystique goes to Saigon to help the mutant unit escape, Toad takes the opportunity, and is later recruited to Magneto’s brotherhood.
The timeline “fractures” in the end. The original timeline (which includes “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “X2”, “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “The Wolverine”) remains the same, and the new timeline (which includes “First Class”) is a clean slate, in which anything could happen. Old Xavier mentions he is able to feel the other timeline still.
Young Beast and Old Mystique share a brief moment in which he apologizes for not creating a better future, and she apologizes for not being able to change the past. Beast still harbors a crush on her and even attacks Magneto during the Kennedy assassination, under assumption he’s trying to hurt her.
Wolverine’s mind remains in his 1972 body. His future self is left in a comatose state.
The X-Men’s hideout is an ancient tomb where Apocalypse lies dormant, though he awakens in the end. The comatose Wolverine might become his first Horseman in “X-Men: Apocalypse”.
There is a reference to the Fantastic Four.

rogueWhen I first read through these, my knee-jerk reaction is to quickly dispel them as a rumor with no basis. It all just sounds way too “out there,” correct? Well, let’s take a closer look at some of these and I may be able to convince you that there may be some truth to this. First up, fans have been hoping that Jean Grey would be making an appearance; that Bryan Singer would somehow find a way to bring the fan-favorite character back into play.. Well, it’s still possible if a younger iteration of the character is used, as is suggested above. If you’ll rewind to last summer, there was a rumor floating around the interwebs that Michelle Trachtenberg was going to fill a role in the film. Some suggested Rachel Summers, while others felt it would be Jean Grey. The rumor never really went anywhere, but if the above info is correct, could we be seeing a young Jean being played by Trachtenberg?

One of the biggest items of news to hit in recent weeks occurred when Bryan Singer announced that Anna Paquin’s Rogue had been cut from the film, stating that her part was not crucial to the main jist of the story…essentially. The news was shocking to say the least, BfDUB0cCAAAQ0r2but what was more shocking was to see that Rogue was featured on her very own cover of Empire Magazine. Looking at the image, you’ll notice that she is pretty much the only person in the futuristic timeline not wearing black. Instead, she is donning a white get-up, reminiscent of a prison-esque or hospitalish jumper. According to the rumor above, Rogue actually plays an important role in the advancement of the Sentinels. Could Singer have been leading us on with the Rogue news?

Speaking of Sentinels, the final magazine cover reveal dropped the jaw of just about every fan-boy out there, either in a good or bad way. In order to clear things up, it was revealed via an interview with the production designer that the future version of the mutant hunting robots were “made up of magnetic plates slapped over one another, imagining that the plates could contract or grow, so the Sentinel can be skinny to get through a small space or the plates can open up to become a bigger shape.” That fits perfectly with the information above and with the added bit regarding Rogue’s absorption powers, that aspect of the plot begins to make sense.

1653667_10203153498584857_399282624_nWith the inclusion of a third version of William Stryker, it was a safe bet to assume that he’d be leading some sort of military group with mutants serving as its members. Looking at past images, we’ve seen several pics that featured Havok, played by Lucas Till, sitting in a barracks, and more recently, one that featured Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique attacking another soldier. I happened to notice yesterday that Toad was also wearing military fatigues and in the original image of Havoc (pictured), you can actually see Toad being attended to in the background. Taking a look at the other folks in the pic, some of them look to have mutant-esque features. Compile this information and you cover several of the rumors listed above. Starting to believe yet?

One of the very first behind-the-scenes images we saw for Days of Future Past feature Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult, and MagnetoMichael Fassbender, having it out in a fountain, with Hoult in full-on Beast mode. We never did hear what they were fighting about. A disagreement on political views? Did he make fun of his fur? Or how about a x-men-days-of-future-past-beast-vs-magnetopossible threat towards his long-time crush Mystique? Yup, that’s mentioned as well!

The very first trailer we saw was quite morose and gloomy, spending a lot of time in the ruined future, showing the ruin that has engulf not only mutant-kind, but man-kind as well. There are a few quick scenes that are shown where it looks as though the characters are set up in ruins of some sort. We just weren’t sure what type of ruins they were sheltered in. But with the bit of news that states the X-Men have taken shelter in a temple, it makes a bit more sense when you look aback at the trailer. Take a look at the screen shot and you’ll see what I mean. Now in regards to Apocalypse, we know that Singer announced the follow-up film will feature the epic baddie, much to the pleasure of nerds around the world and it was fully expected that the ancient mutant would make his presence known in the final act of Days of Future Past and naturally he’ll need a few Horsemen to wreak havoc on the X-Men. So why not a now comatose Wolverine? It may be one of the few times Fox actually followed a comic book story line.

1655217_601252936611253_692911262_nFinally, it has been long rumored that Fox was planning to create their own shared movie-verse that would include both the X-Men and the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four. A plan that is supposedly being headed up by Mark Millar. So it would make total sense to get the ball rolling with this film. How and when they are referenced will be interesting to see as it may give us a better idea of when Josh Trank’s reboot will take place. There was also a rumor floating around that stated that Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm and Sue Storm would be mutants. Hmmmmm….

As you can see, there may be some truth to these rumors or it could be a very well thought-up set of lies based on previously released trailers, images and set pics. Hopefully we will get a new trailer soon that will shed some more light on what we can expect to see in the film, which is just a few short months away. As we move closer to the May release date, expect the marketing to ramp up significantly. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate. Remember, the above info should be taken with a grain or six of salt until we can get some more confirmation.

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