metalloSo today has quickly turned into DC day on the internet. Wonder Woman was cast for Batman vs. Superman, there’s a pretty good chance The Flash will turn up as well, and Callan Mulvey is said to be the frontrunner for the film’s villain. Well tonight a big rumor about Mulvey has hit regarding who he may be playing. The bad guy Zack Snyder has in mind for the Superman/Batman team-up could be none other than Metallo.

Think McFly Think is reporting that their sources have said Mulvey is being considered fro Metallo. The man with the metal body containing a Kryptonite heart could be the threat that brings two heroes (and maybe a few more) together. They go one to say that Mulvey was also considered for Lex Luthor at one point. That’s two different ends of the spectrum, but the site says they “don’t know if this means Lex was originally the main villain and is now out of the film after rewrites (as some have speculated) or if WB decided to go with someone else for the role. but we can tell you that Mulvey was indeed looked at for the part.

Now take this with a grain of salt for now considering everything we official now about the film hit this morning for the most part. Mulvey is in consideration for the villain, so he could really be Metallo, or this could be the case of someone capitalizing on the hot news. The site has a solid track record though. What do you think? Would you like to see Metallo on the big screen?

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Source : ThinkMcFlyThink.Com