Rumor: JUSTICE LEAGUE To Be Like The United Nations; Surprising New Lex Luthor Contender Emerges


justice league bannerYesterday seemed to be DC day on the internet. It was revealed that Gal Gadot would be our Wonder Woman, Flash may stop by Batman vs. Superman, and Callan Mulvey is being looked at as the film’s main villain. Later that night word hit that the role the actor is being eyed for may be Metallo (original story here). Today some new Batman vs. Superman/Justice League rumors have hit, and they hint at some surprising choices DC and Warner Bros. may be going for in their expanded movie universe.

diggleThinkMcFlyThink.Com, who dropped the Metallo news last night, have gotten a big batch of tidbits about Batman vs. Superman. They start off by naming three actors that are being considered for Lex Luthor. We pretty well know the character will pop up in the Man of Steel sequel, we just don’t know who will play him. According to the site, Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, and David Ramsey are on the list. They say Washington was the studio’s dream choice, but nothing ever materialized. Elba was a strong choice, but they couldn’t make it work due to the actor’s job at Marvel. Ramsey, better known as Arrow‘s John Diggle, has apparently been approached for the role. That would put the final nail in the ‘Arrow and the movies are connected’ theory. The site points out these are early discussions so it’s not definite that Luthor will be an African-American.

They also have a big bit of Justice League news. We know Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Superman (Henry Cavill) will be in the sequel, so their JL colleagues will follow soon thereafter. When they do team up, the site says they will be similar to the United Nations. Superman will represent the world as a whole, Batman would handle the U.S.A., and Gal Gadot is Israeli but there’s no word on her character’s area. TMT says that Flash could be Hispanic or Latino as well.

Take this all with a grain of salt for now, but TMT had called the Batman vs. Superman news and David Goyer‘s return as the writer months before it was official. With Zack Snyder announcing Wonder Woman‘s casting, hopefully we’ll hear official word soon. What do you think about Ramsey possibly being Lex Luthor? Do you like the idea of the JL being even more similar to the UN than they are in the comics?


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Source : ThinkMcFlyThink.Com