Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Attached To Latest Attempt At SANDMAN Feature


sandman (1)When people start discussing which of the more obscure comic properties that should be adapted into a film, one of the first to be mentioned is usually Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It’s dark and creepy, which seems to be a thing now. It’d be like combining Harry Potter and Batman with a touch of Tim Burton. There has been several attempts at getting a film and/or television property going, all of which have fallen short. At one point, Roger Avery was at the helm, with a script completed by Pirates of the Caribbean writers  Elliott and Rossio. Then, Jonah Hex scribe William Farmer turned in a script that Gaiman said was one of the worst he’d ever read. Eric Kripke, the man behind the popular Supernatural series on the CW had something going for a TV series, but it too fell apart.

Today comes a report that Warner Brother’s comic book movie got-to-guy David Goyer has thrown the studio a new pitch for a Sandman film and the seem to be quite receptive. Apparently, he’s got a couple of big names behind him as well.

Geoff Johns, DC’s Hollywood man, is very behind Goyer’s version. And what’s more, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved, almost certainly intending to play Morpheus, the lead character. Levitt’s gonna deny this, just like he’s denied a lot of other stuff that was true, by the way.

Badass Digest, who is reporting this news, is the same site that broke the news regarding the Preacher project that Seth Rogan is working on with AMC. They do reiterate that the project is very early in its gestation, saying that Gaiman may not have even been approached with the concept at this point. But with both Goyer and Johns attached, this could have some real traction.

Now, in regards to JGL’s involvement, it’s assumed that he’d be taking on the titular character of Morpheus. It’s a possibility that with the success of his directorial debut, Don Jon, he could be looking to make the jump to a more main-stream, big budget project, but that’s likely not the case.

Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with the series, but it sounds like it could have some huge potential. As the original article states, it may have more traction as a television series rather than a feature film, but from what I know of the stories and the character, if placed in the right hands, it could work quite well on the big screen. What say you Morpheus fans? Should this project even be attempted? Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt a good fit for the role?

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