han soloA new rumor regarding Harrison Ford‘s involvement with Disney and J.J. AbramsStar Wars VII has hit the net, and if this one proves to be true it’s going to be huge. Jedi News has received word from one of their tipsters that Ford is now locked in for Star Wars VII and beyond thanks to an agreement he was able to get regarding Indiana Jones 5. The actor has said many times he wasn’t sure he’d come back and reprise his role as Han Solo, but he’d jump at the opportunity to do another Indiana Jones. Well it seems they’ve given Ford what he wants so fans can get what they want.

The deal allegedly reached assured Ford‘s involvement for multiple Star Wars films in exchange for some movement on a new Indiana Jones adventure. I’ll just let you see how Jedi News‘ tipster laid it out:

Han Solo, Harrison Ford, is back and onboard for Episode Seven, but that’s not all. As part of the deal, steps have been made which raise the possibility of Ford donning the famed Fedora hat of Indiana Jones once more. A verbal agreement with Ford to play Han Solo once more has been in principle place since before the Disney deal. Over the course of this summer financial settlements were reached. The outstanding points that had dragged on but are now resolved are:

  • Ford wanted to see the synopsis for his character’s development over more than just Episode 7. He saw this in August and is happy with the story arc.
  • Ford wanted a commitment to Indy 5. He did not get this as there is no plot line or script in place. What did happen was an agreement was made wherein an outline would be developed by the end of calendar year 2014, and if all parties can agree to it moving forward, efforts would be made to move on Indy 5 for release before the end of 2016.
  • Disney wanted a multi film deal with Ford which transcends Episode 7. This has now been agreed.

If this is true, it means we don’t get to see Ford reprise not one iconic role, but two. Since he was really wanting to wear the fedora again, it could turn out to be a pretty good deal on Disney‘s part to give him that in exchange for piloting the Millennium Falcon again. Now we need to remember that this is all a very big, but very cool, rumor for now. We’ll find out details soon enough I’m sure. How would you feel if this is true? Are you glad they gave Ford Indy in exchange for taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away?

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