Rumor: Commissioner Gordon Might Be Making An Appearance In BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE


BatmanGordonWith word that we will have a war-weary seasoned Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie, a lot of people have been wondering if we will be getting any more characters more directly related with Batman. That was answered in the form of Jeremy Irons being cast as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred, and a little more indirectly with the rumor that Nightwing will be popping up too. However, other than those two we haven’t really heard much on the Bat Family front.

Today is a new day though, and Jett over at Batman-On-Film has received word from one of his “Friends of BOF” who he assures is well connected into the film. He is saying that his friend heard that Gotham’s police commissioner James Gordon will be making an appearance in the film as well. Jett, a pretty connected guy when it comes to…well Batman being on film, reached out to his sources, but hasn’t heard anything yet.

So until we can get some further confirmation on Commissioner Gordon appearing in the movie, leave this in the rumor category for the time being. It makes sense to put Gordon in the movie especially with as aged as they are making Batman in the movie. It will be hard to follow in Gary Oldman’s footsteps, but I am interested to see who they get to try. For the latest on all things Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : BOF