Rumor: Batman Vs. Superman Going For An Older And Wiser Batman


superman batmanEarlier today we got some clarification on the Zack Snyder/Frank Miller meeting regarding the Man of Steel sequel (click here) which could be called Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman…or anything else really. It’s too early to tell. Well tonight a rumor has hit the web about what direction Snyder and company are possibly taking with their new DC cinematic universe Batman.

batman supemanBatman-on-Film posted a rumor that they say they’ve ran by several of their sources, more than 1 and less than 10, that states the movie will be looking for an older Bruce Wayne/Batman. The site states he will be “mid-40s older.” That indicates that they’re going with a veteran Batman who has been on the job for years who will probably have problems Superman, the rookie on the hero block. Batman-on-Film goes on to reveal that while they will not mention actors they’ve heard mentioned for the role, we should start thinking of good actors in that age range like Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt, Jim Caviezel etc. Brolin‘s name has been making the rounds on Twitter a lot today so take that for what you will.

Now take this with a grain or two of salt for now. Other than the fact the movie is being made and Snyder/Goyer are back for more, there’s nothing known for sure about this movie. An older, grizzled Batman would cause some problems. How has he been active for years and nobody knows about him? Will this mean he’s the oldest member of the Justice League? The main thing is what that means for the Batman franchise and future Justice League films. How long could an older actor stay around and do all the action required? But this is still early days. What do you think about the idea of an older Batman? Could you get behind a Brolin Bruce Wayne?


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Source : Batman-on-Film