Rumor: A FLASH Rogue Could Be Hiding In Plain Sight As A Series Regular


flashEarlier today we heard that Vibe might be popping up from time to time in the Flash series starring Grant Gustin, though it wasn’t clear whether or not he would be getting powers early in the first season. Well tonight a few more details about Cisco Ramon have surfaced as well as a rumor about Flash‘s most famous foe hiding in plain site in a regularly recurring role.

BludhavenBanter.Com have themselves another scoop. They’ve dabbled with Flash before and had a casting call for two new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters. The site has a good track record with the scoops they have posted, but let’s still take this with the obligatory grain of salt for now just because. The site claims that Cisco Ramon will appear in 10 to 13 episodes and he will not have powers. More interestingly though, they claim that the pilot will introduce a character named Detective Eddie Thawne. If you’re a Flash fan, you’re thinking that sounds a lot like Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom aka Reverse-Flash. The site goes on to say about the mysterious character:

The description for the character states that he is “leading man handsome” (late 20s-early/mid 30s) and has recently transferred to Central City Police Department from Keystone. Thawne is set to be loved within the precinct and takes the credit for a lot of things that Barry can’t. (We assume this’ll mean he takes credit for some of The Flash’s work, but that’s just speculation on our part). However, the most intriguing part about this character is that his past will be a complete mystery. No one knows where he comes from, and he “harbors a dark secret”.

Now while the information provided doesn’t state that he is indeed Professor Zoom, the archenemy of The Flash from the future, it does seem pretty likely considering he is the most famous of Flash‘s rogues gallery. In Arrow it is heavily implied that Zoom is responsible for the death of Barry‘s mother and the resulting imprisonment of his father. The show could borrow a page from its sister show and do a remix of Thawne without all the time traveling. We’ll have to wait and see. With Flash looking for Iris West and her father, the search for Detective Thawne is probably underway as well. Things seem to be moving pretty fast with the pilot considering it doesn’t begin filming for a few more months, but hopefully we’ll hear something through official channels soon. What do you think about Thawne possibly blending into Central City as a beloved detective?

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