Ron’s Beauty And The Beast Pilot Review


So as I was looking at my news feed on FB, I noticed that my buddy Ron was talking to himself on FB… He does this once in a while. Well it turns out he was reviewing the pilot  episode of Beauty and the Beast.

Well I  died laughing while reading his review…check it out:



< 5 minutes in and the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ pilot gets my UNCONTROLLABLE FART SOUNDS AWARD.

  • Ron Green At 5m 45s this is the worst show I’ve personally witnessed in the year 2012.
  • Ron Green 10m 25s: I’m pretty sure I wrote this pilot when I was 11…when I found out boobs were totally rad.
  • Ron Green 12m 00s: I literally died from overexposure to bad writing. All my comics go to Riley (his 3 year old son).
  • Ron Green 14:44 *beyond the grave* In the universe this show takes place in everybody over the age of 25 begins to age rapidly and die by the age of 30.
  • Ron Green *spoiler alert* “Cross-species DNA.” *Chris Daughtry style song*
  • Ron Green 20:47: God just personally told me this show was created by a rogue fart.
  • Ron Green 23:36: Uwe Boll just obtained the rights to make a movie version of this pilot.
  • Ron Green Ron Pealman should find and kick this shit out of this guy.
  • Ron Green I hope the final season of Supernatural is about he Winchester bros. killing off all the horrible CW shows.
  • Ron Green This show might be great if it’s an adaptation of Logan’s Run.
  • Ron Green Why hasn’t Clark saved Lana from this horrible fate?
  • Ron Green 34:12: All the dialogue is merging from english to fart sounds.
  • Ron Green 38:30: No ****in’ clue what the plot is right now.
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  • Ron Green For some reason I’m pretty sure that Coldplay and Creed love this show.
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  • Ron Green Finished. This show is worse than eating farts. Avoid at all costs.

    Ron Green I’m pretty sure CW outsources their writing to the students of a New Jersey middle school.
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    • Ron Green Stop the disease before it spreads. I feel like Jesus – I sacrificed myself.


      There you have it folks…this has been Ron’s Rants and Reviews…. We might have some more reviews in the future, depending of how many TV shows Ron is willing to watch.. 

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