ROCKET And GROOT Get New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Character Posters; James Gunn Once Again Addresses The Fillion Rumors


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With Guardians of the Galaxy‘s highly-anticipated premiere inching closer and closer, Marvel has really started to kick the promotional blitz into high gear. We’ve gotten a few new TV spots and a special featurette showing off the gang of intergalactic misfits that compose the Guardians, but today some new international character posters have been released. Director James Gunn has also addressed those pesky Nathan Fillion rumors as well. Turns out the Fireflystar won’t be Nova and he probably won’t be Cosmo either.

Marvel UK released three character posters this morning on their Twitter page offering up a new look at Rocket Raccoon‘s (Bradley Cooper) snarling mug, Groot (Vin Diesel) cracking a smile, and a previously seens Gamora (Zoe Saldana) image. You can check those out below. Also, James Gunn recently addressed those Nathan Fillion rumors in a short exchange with Nerdist.Com. Ever since Fillion let the cat out of the bag that he had a small cameo, rumors have been swirling regarding who the Castlestar would be playing. The first round of rumors suggested he’d be Richard Ryder aka Nova, and when those were shot down it shifted to everyone’s favorite space dog, Cosmo. Gunn weighs in on the internet b.s., saying:

Nathan Fillion is not Nova. There’s so much bullshit on the internet. I woke up – first it’s ‘Nathan’s Nova!’, then there are articles all over saying Nathan’s Cosmo. It’s like, ‘What?!’ Nathan’s role is a very small cameo that I wanted to give to Nathan because I love working with him and I think it’s lucky for me to have Nathan in all of my movies. At the same time I wanted to give him something where Nathan could have a larger role in the Marvel Universe if either Joss [Whedon] or I or whoever chose to do that in the future. Which I would love to do. I would love to give Nathan something he could really chew on, but it didn’t work out on this movie for two reasons. Number one — because he was shooting Castle. And number two, because it just wasn’t the right exact role for him. You won’t see the Nova character in the film. You’ll see the Nova Corps.

So it sounds like Fillion was indeed thought of for a much larger role that could be a recurring one in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Castlehas once again gotten in the way of his big screen opportunities. It will be interesting to see who Fillion actually ends up portraying in the film. Right now it is literally anyone’s guess. What do you think about the new posters? Any guesses on who Fillion could be? Guardians of the Galaxy rockets into theaters (pun intended) August 1st.



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