Robert Kirkman On Why THE WALKING DEAD Will Only Spinoff On TV And Why Daryl Will Never Be In The Comics


Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead as if you didn’t know, briefly touched on the recently announced spinoff show for the hit AMC series and reiterates his stance that he won’t do a comic book spinoff. The writer also restated his beliefs regarding Norman ReedusDaryl Dixon never making it into the comics, much to the chagrin of many Reedus fans across the world.

Robert Kirkman, Photo credit Matt Hoyle (photo credit required)Kirkman popped by the CBR Tiki hut with his Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard during New York Comic Con to talk about the 10 year anniversary of the comics and what’s coming up with All Out War. While they talked a lot about the comics, a few questions about the other areas of The Walking Dead universe were raised as well. Kirkman was asked if he still stood by his statement that he would never do a comic book spinoff. He said he’s going to keep the spinoffs to TV because that’s the only place it works:

Still stands. [Charlie Adlard “Well I ain’t drawing it!] I don’t wanna write it [laughs]. I think that television is a medium that really supports spinoffs. I think that you’ve seen many popular shows branch out, and it works. And I feel like comics, it can detract a little bit more. Y’know, you see a lot of comics that get popular, and then spin off into other comics — everything outside of X-Men — y’know, it gets really difficult to maintain the excitement of the original thing, and I don’t really want to diminish the comic books in any way. But that said, I’m working on the spinoff now on the TV side, and I think there’s going to be some really cool stuff coming out of that. I think it’s going to be awesome. I like it in TV, it really doesn’t work for me in comics.

The Walking Dead is going bi-weekly for the next several months as All Out War plays out. If there was ever a time for a spinoff, it would be now. Seems Kirkman is standing by his decision. Speaking of standing by his decision, the writer still says we’re unlikely to see Daryl Dixon in the pages of the series. When asked why Daryl hasn’t been included:

No, he hasn’t. That’s strange isn’t it? I like the idea of each version of “The Walking Dead” offering something unique. I think it’s really cool that the Telltale video games offer you this very all-encompassing “Walking Dead” experience that can stand on its own. And I like that the comic and the show have really cool differences. And I think it’s cool that when you want to find out about Daryl Dixon, and you want to know more about that guy, the TV show is the place to go. It would just be strange for me to shoehorn a new character that was created for the show into the comic. I toyed around with the idea for a while but it never really seemed to fit, and I think that having those differences is kind of cool. It makes “The Walking Dead” this tapestry that’s fun to enjoy in all these difference mediums. Plus Charlie hates drawing likenesses.

Sorry Reedus fans, you’re not going to get the redneck heartthrob in the comics anytime soon. Adlard did draw a big teaser cover with a guy holding a crossbow, but that turned out to be a trick. That’s the closest we’ve ever come to the beloved Dixon brother making it into the comics. What do you think about Kirkman‘s comments? Are you happy the spinoffs won’t happen in the comics world? The Walking Dead returns to our TVs tonight!

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Source : CBR