Robert Downey Jr. Kisses Iron Man Goodbye In Iron Man 3 Credits Sequence


rdjThere’s a good chance you saw Iron Man 3 this past weekend. The first post Avengers Marvel flick scored big at the box office, having one of the biggest openings in recent years. While the movie has fans divided, we can all agree that it proved Marvel had guts (or other appropriate analogy body parts). It’s also a safe bet that you saw the amazing end credits for the movie. Everyone knows you don’t leave a Marvel movie until you see the end credits scene. It was an Iron Man retrospective set to some snazzy music that felt like it was from a cool 70s TV show. The swinging credits sequence has found its way online. You can check it out below to see all the nods to the previous films again. Pay special attention at the 1:31 mark. Is RDJ kissing Iron Man goodbye? Who knows! It’s fun to speculate though.

Also, here’s a look at Paolo Rivera‘s special poster for the cast and crew. It’s very much in the style of the credits.

UPDATE: It seems the video has been temporarily taken off line, which is very odd. As soon as it comes back or we find an alternative we’ll update.

IRON MAN 3 end credit sequence from Danny Yount on Vimeo.

iron man poster

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