Rob Liefeld Offers His Own DEADPOOL Movie Update


deadpoolYesterday our own Ecksmanfan posted a story offering a Deadpool movie update from director Tim Miller. The Deadpool movie has been in development purgatory for years now, inching closer and closer to a green light but never quite getting there. Miller is confident the movie will happen and stated in part “Deadpool is still alive and we’re just waiting for the studio to embrace what an amazingly f***ing awesome film this would be.” You can read the full story by clicking here if you missed it yesterday. Today Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld weighed in on the recent update with a few points of his own.

Liefeld took to his Twitter account to offer his own point of view regarding the long awaited Deadpool movie and Miller‘s comments about the movie getting closer and closer to a green light. I’ll put the first Tweet here then just write out the rest for your reading convenience:


Having the good fortune to meet and converse with Rhett, Paul and Tim, they are deadlypool serious about their pursuit of this film. The real passion was conceived at the script stage with the outstanding screenplay from Rhett and Paul, then Tim added his own fire to it. And yes, Ryan Reynolds got the ball rolling back in 2009 that turned into the screenplay and the shared passion.

Do I believe that Fox has come around to Deadpool’s profound influence and popularity and the fever for this? Slightly. Miller helps educate. So, credit to the creative team for not being passive check-cashers who left Deadpool behind on the curb somewhere. Here’s hoping.

Deadpool iconHe also confirmed that the director and screenwriters were meeting and speaking with the studio on “an ongoing basis.” Part of the problem about getting the film into production is everyone’s insistence that it sticks to its R-rated script. Fox isn’t so keen on the idea of a R-rated X-Men film, but nobody really wants to make the Deadpool film if they have to water it down too much. Liefeld commented on the ongoing R-rated debate as well:

The R rating has always been the single biggest hurdle on Deadpool. Studio could not wrap their head around a “R” rated X-Men film. And if you think for one minute that Disney would green light an R rated Marvel film you are living on Mars. PG-13 has changed its standards and allows much more violence and content than before. Could be opportunity for a successful compromise.

Liefeld is correct, PG-13 movies continue push the boundaries every year. There could be a Deadpool movie with a PG-13 rating that would have been a R only a few years ago. While the lower rating compromise may be the only way the film gets made, it could possibly be done so in a way that keeps all the violence and other things in the script without completely watering it down. With Days of Future Past on the horizon and X-Force in early stages of development, we could really be closer to seeing Reynolds redeeming the character in his own movie. The Merc with a Mouth has started becoming more popular than ever before.  With a string of cartoon appearances and a successful video game under his belt, we could be reaching a tipping point where Fox finally gives Miller the go ahead. What do you think about the chances of Deadpool getting made? Do the recent updates make you optimistic?

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