Rick Cosnett Teases His Role In THE FLASH; Plus Is Captain Cold On The Way?


captain coldWe’ve been hearing a lot about the good guys and gals of The Flash (Barry Allen, S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris West), but we’ve not gotten a lot of information about the villains. We know that Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom showed up very quickly in the extended trailer for the show and that Danielle Panabaker‘s Caitlin Snow will probably make the jump from helping Barry (Grant Gustin) at S.T.A.R. Labs to the dark side sometime down the line as Killer Frost, but that’s about it for the Rogues. A recent interview from IGN with actor Rick Cosnett and an interesting Tweet from Geoff Johns may gives us some new clues.

zoomSpeaking with IGN on the red carpet during a CW event, Rick Cosnett danced around the question of whether or not he really is Flash‘s most notorious villain, Reverse Flash. Cosnett plays Eddie Thawne, which sounds a whole lot like Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash aka Professor Zoom. While the actor says his character and Barry Allen will be friends, there is some tension between the two. I’d imagine there will be a lot more than tension if it turns out Eddie killed Barry‘s mom under the guise of Reverse Flash. Cosnett says of Eddie Thawne:

He’s very calm, he’s very nice, he’s very golden. He’s a good guy that’s almost flawless. He sweeps in and saves the day much to Barry’s dismay. That creates a great tension, I think, for Barry because we’re friends as well. That’s always kind of wonderful to be able to play that between the two of us. There are also some wonderful women in the show who we both…kind of maybe…get in the middle of us should we say. You’ll have to wait and see who that is.

The actor showed off his advanced question dodging skills when asked point blank if he’ll be suiting up in the yellow and red costume of the iconic villain. While he doesn’t confirm or deny it, we can probably expect to see Eddie take an interesting turn sometime during the first several episodes:

Well I hope to do the fans proud on this one. There are going to be a lot of surprises coming up. And I think it’s just…you know…I’m trying to dance around your question because I really want everyone to be surprised. Inevitably I think they are going to be because Geoff Johns is writing for the show. He kind of gets full reign on what to do. I think fans are going to be really shocked, surprised, and delighted by what’s going to happen.

Speaking of Geoff Johns, the DC head honcho and TV writer dropped a rather interested Tweet about a story meeting he had with Flash showrunners Kreisberg and Berlanti. That seems like a hint that an ice cold villain like perhaps Captain Cold could be showing up, huh? Cold is one of Flash‘s other big villains, so it’s no surprise he’d be showing up sooner or later. What do you think about the latest Flash tidbits?

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