Review: Zombie War #2

Review of: Zombie War #2
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Kevin Eastman and Tom Skulan

Zombie War #2

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On November 27, 2013
Last modified:November 27, 2013


Zombie War is a quick zombie apocalypse story that used a different take than what we’re used to seeing with the undead masses.

The grand bleepin’ finale! A mysterious comet, a crash-landed stranded alien, a female military detective hot on the apocalypse trail, and ALL the DEAD SOLDIERS of the world coming back to life to destroy the world one bite at a time — what more could you ask for?! Featuring scripts and layouts by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and art by Eric Talbot (Heavy Metal), this new incarnation presents ZOMBIE WAR in full color for the first time, courtesy of TMNT colorist Ronda Pattison!

The conclusion of Zombie War hits this week. The reprinted story from the 80s was written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Skulan with art from Eastman and Eric Talbot. Ronda Pattison provides colors. So how does the oversized issue hold up?

Our main character, a female airman, and her alien companion are trying to put an end to the zombie apocalypse that has just been unleashed. Some military dead have been resurrected thanks to the little alien’s interference, but he’s trying to make things right. While the search for something to destroy the zombies continues, the undead masses are marching on one of the last military bases. This is it, either the humans find a way to destroy the zombies or it’s game over. Can they do it? The little alien saw the errors of his ways, but can he set things right?

Eastman and Skulan present a non-stop, action-packed finale. There isn’t much in the way of characters or stories, but this is all about the zombies attacking and the last ditch effort to stop them. Things happen at a breakneck pace that happens in rapid succession. It’s boom we’re here, boom we’re there, boom we’re done. It has an edge to it that makes it feel like a 70s underground comic. The art is a great fit for the story. Eastman and Talbot have very distinct styles that you either love or you don’t quite get. It works well for Zombie War. There’s a rough edge to it that makes it feel gritty. There are several two-page spreads that beautifully illustrate the chaos of zombies vs. humans.

Bottom Line: Zombie War is a quick zombie apocalypse story that used a different take than what we’re used to seeing with the undead masses. If you were a fan of it when it first came out or are a big fan of the underground comic scene, this one is for you. 2/5

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