Review: Xeno Trip #3


An over the top adventure that’s literally out of this world! Cody Bennett wakes up on a mysterious planet, with no memory of how he got there, and quickly discovers that he’s been crowned king of a leading monarchy. And to top it off, he’s apparently started a civil war! With his two alien guards Zorg and Stus, Cody begins the quest to regain the lost pieces of his memory in addition to restoring order to the planet. In doing so, he just might be able to find his way home.

xeno coverThe third issue of the new series Xeno Trip from QAM Comics hits this week. The new installment is available on Comixolgy first so you can read ahead of the QAM site. The story is written by Quinton Miles with art by Daniele Cosentino. Giulia Priori handles colors with MaGnUs providing lettering. The first two installments have been great, but is the third time still a charm?

When last we saw Cody Bennett, he had convinced his oafish guards to take him to the spot where he first arrived on the alien planet on which he has found himself. Things didn’t go well and Cody, Zorg, and Stus are captured by the very same kingdom they are getting ready to war with. Cody finds out that their ruler is in fact his best friend Deron Smith who has somehow arrived on the planet in search of Cody. The two friends quickly compare notes and try to figure out what’s going on. We get a few clues as to how they arrived on this strange planet as well. They’re best friends and kings, so they figure they can try to make peace between their new peoples. Can Cody and Deron figure out how they got here and if they can get back? Can they put a lid on the war that’s been brewing the last few weeks?

Miles writes another spectacular issue. This one is a little more story driven with the gags literally taking place in the background. There’s still a lot of humor and zaniness to the story, but we learn more about our characters this go around. Not only has the world been really fleshed out, but our cast of characters grow this month. Cosentino’s art has been nothing short of magnificent with Xeno Trip. The cartoon style with really expressive features really help sell the comedy moments as well as the strangeness of the planet and its inhabitants. With Deron serving as a counter to Cody to give us a reference point for ‘normal,’ we really get to see how polished the art is. Priori’s colors are a perfect match for the art. Things are bright and lively, and there is some excellent lighting work this issue.

Bottom Line: Xeno Trip is one of the best new webseries out there with its offbeat and wacky sci-fi story and beautiful art. This is one you shouldn’t pass up, and for only $0.99 you don’t have much of an excuse. You can check out the Comixology page by clicking here. 4.5/5

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